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      Outre LaceFront Stevie Review & Install | | Chuchi Train

      ‚ÄúHey dolls. is Chuchi again and I'm here to show you this, what it looks like to me Beyonce inspired balayage ombre super chic, lace front wig from¬†Outre Synthetic Lacefront STIVIE. Color #DRFF2/2730. And I actually was gifted this from Beauty Krew. They definitely have the best line beauty supply with store prices. So stay tuned for a quick review on this wig.‚ÄĚ

      ‚ÄúSo this is how she comes in the pack and I'm just showing you guys that it has two clips in the front, one in the back with the lace parting. So I'm putting it on here. Just showing you that it is bighead friendly and I'm just going to continue to cut the side of my lace all the way across the whole perimeter of my forehead. Then I'm gonna go ahead and bring down what I am going to make my baby hairs. I just want to show you guys after I did that.‚ÄĚ

      ‚ÄúI'm using MC7 collection edge control to tame my edges. You guys can also purchase that on¬†Beauty Krew. Just to give my hair some height without applying heat but I didn't have anything available at the moment. I just apply some edge control to the front of my wig and I'm taking my Maybelline concealer and my trusty concealer brush to define my part. Then this underneath or on top underneath. A little bit more seamless but I was kind of rushing. So... yeah on top of those.‚ÄĚ

      ‚ÄúAnd that's it and I say it's super quick I meant super quick okay? This is super quick and easy to put on. This wig was great. I actually wore this for a couple of days and I was getting a lot of¬†compliments like on the road. I really enjoyed wearing this wig. It is super lightweight definitely not too much hair and it just frames your face so well with the highlights in the front.I really enjoy Stevie from Outre. Again I purchased this on a Beauty Krew. I think it's about $30 maybe less than $30 but I'm just gonna average out $30.I'm gonna put the actual price in the description box as well as a discount code for you guys to use to save some money on Beauty Krew.‚ÄĚ

      ‚ÄúHope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure you comment, like and subscribe. Bye.Just wanted to add before I exit um‚Ķ. Ma'am this look does not tangle okay? Honey do you see how I'm flipping in doing all these. No tangles. Okay bye for real.‚ÄĚ

      RACA BY BOBBI BOSS! MY FAVūüíēūüíē ft BEAUTYKREW l Wigsandwanderlust


      "Yeah I'm excited about this wig for a couple of reasons. First this wig was sent to me one of my most favorite personal companies that I shop frequently and that is Beauty Krew. Y'all know I love Beauty Krew if you are not following on Instagram you need to go follow them immediately. They have a great selection of wigs. They show me support I show them support."


      "I just placed a personal order there from the other reviews I just did on that gorgeous wig. I'm not sure the order I'm uploading them but this wig right here, you need to go get it. I don't know if it's uploading yet but the other reason I'm excited about this wig is not just because they came from Beauty Krew. Y'all I have been wanting this wig for so long and when you all see what wig that it is you're gonna be like sisters that wig have been out for 18 years. I've been wanting this wig for so long in this color and it was always sold out. So when Beauty Krew said it was gonna send it over here to me. In this color. I've been wanting it for so long and it's about one of my most favorite companies."


      "The wigs are reviewing for you today is by Bobbi Boss. I have it in style MLF326 RACA. I got it in the color #1 finally. I've been wanting this because I know how my face is shaped. Okay miss RACA by Bobbi Boss from Beauty Krew comes with a 5 inch deep parting space.On the back it just shows us how the wig looks in the back but I'm gonna show you this. Okay and I just tell you how to be a boss. Okay look at y'all Lord she¬†looks so bad like a demon look at that y'all I almost got it in that color. Look at my eyes or my head look at that shut up sis y'all know I ain't got no eyebrows they look pretty good today. I almost got the wig in this color but I didn't y'all because I've been wanted in black so bad okay? So let's see the wig sis okay?She did come with lace that I've already cut off some soft laces. Y'all i'm praying this wig is everything that I hoped it would be. If it fails I'm gonna cry.‚ÄĚ

      “Okay let's look at the cab construction miss RACA. There's that parting space and that's a wide part okay? She has a comb into the right and comb in to the left and she has a comb in the back with that adjustable strap. RACA comes with baby hair and what I like about the Bobbi Boss baby hairs is they're not too long and I can brush them back. She has like those Kim Kardashian soft waves and then she's straight on the bottom."

      "If you wonder why the makeup video is not coming up because y'all know a review on the weekends because I gotta work during the week I'm a teacher so um I've been filming between Saturday and Sunday I've literally had to film eleven weeks for y'all. Okay let's put Miss RACA on please be everything I hope she would be. Okay shut up. Don't get excited girl. We don't know yet come down and let me put some combs in. Okay she's only gonna be a middle part she feels comfortable on my head."

      "I was trying to get you out some time to go to Beauty Krew so you can purchase it. Lord have mercy y'all. This wig is exactly what I hoped it would be y'all look at that y'all I'm feeling like a I'm grateful I'm not dead by God's grace and mercy I'm still here, still standing so I could wear these wig. Y'all just feels so good on my head. I know that styles like this flatter my face shape because I have a while it looks like an elongated type of face. I got a fatter face so these types of styles look good on me. Compared to if I wear something super super long but at this length with these waves in this color it flatters my face shape. There's that parting space up close I got them baby hair stuck down up under there. Y'all know I'm not gonna lay em. It looks like a lot of demarcation but it is not. That is a piece up hair see ya that's that hair but it looks good."

      "Look at this y'all this is a winner. Let me lock in on myself while I look like this. l I really like this wig no tangling no shedding none of that. Fits very comfortably on my head. Soft waves no straight pieces. I actually don't know how to do the look curls with a flat iron I never do. I promise because that is so hard but this wig is gorgeous. Be sure to go y'all not only this wig though Beauty Krew. Beauty Krew they're pricing on a lot of these units. It's more affordable than other companies so I encourage you to go look for not only this wig on their website but other wigs too. Because their pricing is so bomb okay? Not only do they  sell wigs like this one. I can't stop looking at myself. My look is still seated. I need to humble myself."

      "Beauty Krew sells all types of hair goods. like I say it like the drops that I use to regrow my hair that's all so be sure to go check them out. I definitely recommend this wig. I'm grateful I'm not dead so I can wear this wig. Beauty Krew thank you so much for sending this out. Beauty Krew sent me three wigs. All three of them were hitters. This one is This might be my favorite from the week. Okay y'all know I upload literally every day. okay so this one is a bomb. Go check out Beauty Krew. This is cute. Feeling myself. Until next time we'll be extremely soon. Bye guys."

      Wig Show&Tell: BOBBI BOSS SYNTHETIC GLUELESS 13X7 LACE FRONTAL WIG - MBLF002 JULIA | Beauty Krew | BodiedBykeira


      "Hey! so today's look is brought to you by Beauty Krew. I will leave a link below with this wig also their direct store. The brand of the wig that I have today is Bobbi Boss. I have one of their glueless synthetic 13x7 lace frontal wig in the style MBLF002 JULIA in the color #TT6/Steel. This is what the inside of the wig looks like. You get your 13x7 lace frontal. Behind the lace frontal, you get two combs and another comb underneath with adjustable straps. You also get an elastic band for extra security and you can adjust it. This is what the wig looks like straight out of the box. This is a lot of hair and the front you do get baby hairs and the hairline comes pre-plucked."


      "So I'm going to comb some of the baby hairs out of the way. I know how I do. So I'm using my hot comb to do it and if you don't have a hot comb you can always go in and use mousse. Well at this time I will be doing an updo style. I tried the wig on with everything down and look at me. I just... no comment. It's just... It wasn't cute to me. So I was like let me try this half-up half-down style. This is a lot of hair. Usually every time I do an updo style. I always forget to take out the baby hair but nope not this time. I remembered. Sorry, I'm just taking out the baby hairs."


      "I use this wax stick to help lay down the flyways after I applied the product. Then I go back in with the hot comb and I'm only stopping half away by the roots because I don't want to go too far and take out the curl pattern or even mess up the curl pattern. In the end, I didn't really get the top as flat as I wanted but I achieved something is not that bad. Then I just take a little piece of hair and then I wrap it around at the ponytail. After I'm done, I go in and cut off that extra lace by the hairline"


      "Here is my end result of styling it on a mannequin head. This wig is very long ladies like I would say it's about  26 to 28 inches. A synthetic curly wig. Come on. Now I'm just gonna go ahead and swap wigs. I had to stop my music for this. This hair. It's a lot. I don't feel like Beyonce. I thought I look like Beyonce but I don't. Well... Hold on so I'm gonna take my Maybelline Fit me powder and a little brush. I'm just gonna take some of this powder and apply it to the hairline underneath the lace only. So I didn't hook the adjustable straps together. I'm just gonna stick it underneath the wig right and hook it because I feel like when I hook it. it's kind of pulling the sides back and for the style that I'm going for, I need it to kind of be towards the front.I'm gonna need some spray. Hold on. Right here I was trying to hold the lace down but also not let the spray run on my forehead. I sprayed most of the hairline except by the air tabs because my sideburns were sticking out but I'm still going so I tried to make the best of styling this hair."


      "I don't really like forehead baby hairs on me but for this hairstyle, I just felt like a little extra because the hair is already extra big itself. Let me add some extra baby hairs to make it pop a little bit but not too too extra. I still want to look a little normal. To get my hairlines to blend a little bit more with my skin. I'm just gonna take that same Maybelline powder that I used earlier underneath the lace and I apply a little bit on the top not so much because you don't want your lace to look a little cakey."


      "Now I'm just going to go in with some Matrix total results mousse and apply some to the hair. Just to see if it will help like calm down the puffiness a little bit. It didn't really to me. It just defined the curls and added a bit of a shine but stay tuned for my end results."
      "Here I am and this right here is pretty much my end results and I think I look cute I shouldn't have gone in and layered the hair and cut it down a bit but I wanted to leave it like this. It still looks cute. It's just a lot of hair on my little small self. So the density is really really thick as for the size on this wig. It is big head friendly the cap material does stretch. If you have a small head just tie adjustable straps or crisscross the adjustable straps. As for the length of the wig on me, I would say it's about 26 to 28  inches on me. My height is 5'6 and that's like pretty much it. I'm not sure about shedding and tangling. As for tangling, I did get a few snags when I was trying to put the hair up but it is a curly synthetic wig. I tried to do the half-up half-down style with the bun but I just thought the bun was too thick for my liking so I just took it right back down. That's it. That's pretty much my wig show & Tell. Let me know your thoughts and I see you guys in the next video. Later you guys."

      BEST Beginner Friendly CURLY WIG under $50! | Outre RYLEE | Beauty Krew | KIE RASHON


      "Welcome back to my channel it's your girl Kie RaShon. Today's video I'm giving you guys a first impression on a unit that was sent to me by Beauty Krew but before we get into all the specs of this unit and what I think about a shared a pack. Make sure if you're new to the channel you go ahead and subscribe and smash the notification bell so you don't miss anything else coming. Also, give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more videos like this in the future. Let's go!"


      "Okay so like I said this unit was sent to me by a Beauty Krew and it's from Outre. It is a part of their Swiss U collection. This is the Vixen U part wig by the name of Rylee. I don't have a card because I somehow misplaced it. So this is how it looks on the model. I dig it this unit in a #99J and it does retail for $47.99. So still within that affordable price point for synthetic wigs."


      "Now, this unit does come with five combs so two right here in the front two on the side and one in the back. It also comes with adjustable straps. I did go in and unhook the adjustable straps just because I don't have my hair cornrowed under this unit and I am wearing my wig grip, so I didn't want it to be too snug on my head. It's perfectly on my 20inch head so I'm happy about that."


      "It comes down on both of my sides so right here and right here. It does come with a double U, not W. Okay double U Vixen lace part so that means a small u part here in the front a bigger you U part here in the middle as well as lace around the back lace from ear to ear and a middle part down the center of the unit. So it's a lot of parts facing this unit to give you guys different ways to wear this wig. New U guys know I have featured a unit from this line before I will link it down below if you missed that video."


      "Then the unit does come ready to wear out the pack and the parting faces are defined by little rubber bands and bows that come in the unit. So you have easy access to finding the partner face but let me tell you guys we take them bows out it's gonna be trouble. I can never find that part in space after them bows come out. But would definitely suggest that you go in and style the unit or have an idea of how you want to style and part the unit prior to taking the little bows out. Because once you take them out, patience is gonna be thin."


      "I decided to just go with a little side part here. Obviously this follows into the first U that can go all the way around. This unit is very beginner-friendly out the pack ready to go. I didn't pluck anything. I've barely laid any baby hairs down. I put some of my edge boosters on the end. I did go on with some powder and to put on the top of the hairline. I did put some powder right here just a little bit and that is it. I didn't comb or brush these curls these are how the curls look out the pack."


      "This is a high-tech unit so this unit is heat safe for up to 400 degrees. However, why would you want to change the curl pattern of this unit? I mean now I have felt some high-techs units that are not that soft however this feels very very soft. I've tried units from Outre that are supposedly high-techs units and they don't feel like this. I'm not complaining because this is gorgeous. Do you see how the curls just move bounce? Gorgeous and this #99J is beautiful."


      "You could definitely go in. Let me see if I can do it real quick on camera, put some more powder in that parting space right here and then take my little heat source and just flatten that out a little bit. And you'll be good to go. Look at that. Yes, this is gorgeous. This hair is gorgeous."


      "Turn to the side real quick see I can see. Okay, all right she's pretty long. so I'm down past mid-back to me. I'm 5'6. I have not had any tangling or shedding with this unit. I don't plan on it because I don't want to put my hands on my hair. This is this curly, long and synthetic. Okay? You're gonna get tangling and shedding eventually for this unit but to alleviate that round the gate. Don't put your hands in your hair. You be good to go I just got a little flip right there, that's about it and getting that's about it this unit is effortlessly gorgeous. Nothing negative I can say about this unit."


      "For anyone who does not feel comfortable using or wearing a 13x6 or 13x4 lace frontals synthetic unit. These are units that you can ride to give you the different looks that you want from the same lace frame unit. So it's a win-win for everyone but getting a friendly yes. It may look a little daunting because the parting spaces but those are just parting spaces you don't have to use those."


      "I'm here for this. I don't even know when this unit drop but I'm so impressed with it. When I say press I mean pressed okay? Panini! Let me show you guys within the hairline. You do get a teensy little bit of space but it's not really enough to go in and freeze anything out so just be mindful of that. She does look a little wiggy a little wig each but the rest of the unit how this looks I don't care. You can even move this unit back a little bit and bring out your edges just to make this look a little bit more natural if you choose to do so. I don't have anything negative to say about this unit because I can't. It'll be a lie.  I mean how could you miss it? This is what we like to see in some curly units okay? But shout out one more time to Beauty Krew for sending me this unit I really appreciate it. If you guys want to check this unit out, I will put the direct link for it down below you definitely should."


      "Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and share this video also smash your notification bell so you don't miss anything else coming up. I love you guys so much and I will see you next time. Bye."




      "Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel. Today I'm giving you guys a two wigs review so if you guys want other details that make sure you guys stay tuned."


      "Okay love, so this one review is courtesy of Beauty Krew. They were kind enough to send your girl a couple of units and so you guys should have already seen a video before where I think I did two reviews in that one also. So this is another video and this will include two different units as well."


      "So this unit that you see on my hair right now is from Outre. it is their lace front wig in the style Emani and it's in the color #1B Violet. Now the crazy part about is you can't tell there is violet in this hair at all. Like this hair basically just looks black right? But it does have a subtle hint of violet in this unit and when I say subtle I mean very subtle like you can barely see it. You might be able to see it more when you get into the sunlight but as far as like on camera, even to the eye inside like I can't really see the purple at all."


      "So it¬†does say that it comes with a Swiss lace essentially that's just what¬†you see right here which is this middle¬†part right here as well as a small¬†little thin lace in the front of the¬†unit.¬†t does say that this unit is heat safe up to 400¬į. So you can straighten it¬†if that is your preference and so pretty¬†much this unit is very self-explanatory. It wasn't much for me to do to this unit¬†besides just put it on my head."


      "I feel like it did come with a little bit of baby hair. I didn't have to cut any baby hairs. I just took some out of the front and then just looped it around. I just feel like that makes it look a little bit more natural as well as I did break my hand through the hair like this, just using my hands no brush no comb or anything like that just to give you some more volume and for it to look a little bit more natural than it coming straight out the packaging."


      "As far as my personal preference I think that this unit is a beautiful unit. It's very lightweight that's something that I noticed right off the bat. Although it looks like it's a lot of hair, it really is very lightweight. now you guys always ask me if a unit is a big head friendly. Now I always tell you guys I don't know cuz I don't know if I have a big head or not."


      "As far as the color I feel like I could have just got it in 1B and it would have been the same color cuz this violet is not showing up that much. But if you want to feel like you're stepping out of your comfort zone, you're not ready to just jump over into the comfort zone yet. Then this will be a great unit to kind of get your feet wet. So yeah, that was pretty much everything that I had to say about this unit. It's really self-explanatory. So let's go ahead and move into the next unit."


      "Okay love, so this is the second unit that I'm reviewing courtesy of So this unit that you see on my head is from Bobbi Boss. It is from their lace fronts swiss lace collection. It is a human hair blend wig in the style MBLF 120 KIANA and is in the color #2. It does have a 4 inch deep part in the middle right here and it is heat safe. It doesn't say up to how many degrees but it says it's heat-safe."


      "So if I have to choose between the two units that I reviewed in this video. I definitely would go with this unit right here KIANA . I just love the feel of the unit. I love how it looks is very sexy and long. Usually, I don't go for the color too. However, I wanted to try something different I've been trying the #1 or #1B and lately, I feel like the #1 or even the #1B have been a little too dark for my liking and I don't know if it's because it is wintertime, you know I kind of get lighter in the winter. So color #2 is definitely complimentary to my skin tone I think. I love the fact that it gives a human hair feel to it. Although it is a human hair blend unit, it definitely gives me like these are bundles and I make this unit. That's the kind of vibe that I get with it."


      "I love that it has layers in this unit so if you guys can see that. I would say this unit is probably about 24 inches long on me. I'm 5' 10 so I would say it's about 24 inches. So if we're gonna go buy bundles, it's probably like 24, 22, 18 I think. I would say that."


      "Yeah, I think that was pretty much it about these units they both were very self-explanatory. The first one I definitely would say was shorter and more voluminous and it does have like a touch of color probably more so in the Sun than you would in the inside. whereas this unit is longer, it has the layered look and it's just a really sexy unit."


      "So you guys let me know, which one you guys are feeling better. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe. Let me know what you guys are thinking and I'll see you guys in my next video."