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“Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! My name is Beige, if you’re new here, welcome! So today, I’m super excited about this video because I was sent this Outré wig! AND when I first started wearing affordable wigs, Outré was my go to company to try wigs from. I was obsessed with all the wigs that they had! But lately, I haven’t been hearing much from them and I haven’t been seeing any of their new styles, so I was excited when they reached out to me and told me that they came out with a new line of wigs and they asked me to try them out!”

“So, the new line of wigs that they have is called the Swiss U Lace Front Wig. So, the key points to know about this wig is that it is made from 100% heat resistant fiber, it does have a double U cap construction, it has endless styling versatility, it also has a pre plucked, hand-tied lace, the Swiss lace is softer than most, it is comfortable to wear and like I said, it is easy to maintain.”

“So, I do notice that they have four different styles in the Swiss U cap construction, there is Kendall, Krisita, Jordyn and Rylee, and I chose to try Rylee.”

“So, taking Rylee out of the package, I love the big curls that she has. This is the first time that I have tried a wig with ponytails on it when you first take it out of the packaging. But I do like the fact that they sectioned off each of the sections so that once you put it on your head, it would be easy to see where the parting space is, so that you can style it quicker. As opposed to getting a lace frontal synthetic wig, this already comes parted for you so you don’t have to worry about molding it into a part. “

“Looking at the construction of this wig, I do see why it’s called a Double U, I see a U here *points to lower region of scalp* and then another U here *points to higher region on scalp*. There is a total of 5 combs that this wig comes with. There is a comb in the back as well s an adjustable strap in the back. There is comb in the front above each section of your head, and then there is also a comb on the right and left side of the middle part. You do have a lace edge around the hairline, which means that you can add hair with either glue, tape or gel. Rylee does come with baby hairs and she also has Swiss lace in the back. And I do notice that she is not a super silky straight texture, she definitely has some coarseness to her. She is very, very full. So, let’s try her on!”

“So, I’m just going to make sure she fits on my head by securing the comb in the back and then stretching her forward. This wig JUST fits, and I do have a big head, but it does feels secure. How does she look y’all? *laughs* I don’t know y’all… she isn’t that bad! So, we’re just going to mess around with her and see what we got! As you can see, she’s not super-duper long, But I do feel like she is a good length.”

“Okay guys, so I want to show you how the hairline is looking. So, the first thing that I am going to do with this is wig that anywhere that you see lace which is the area around where my hairline is, the two double U’s and the line in the middle, I’m just going to grab a powder foundation and I’m just going to put some powder on top of that, so that it can blend in a little more with my skin complexion. So, one thing that I did notice with this wig off the bat is that the parting spaces are already plucked for you. But I do feel like they are over plucked, to the point that that is no hair coming out of the parting spaces. Instead of thinning out the part, there’s no, knots there if that makes any sense and I’ve never seen that before. So, I don’t know how natural that is going to look, but we are about to find out!”

*Applies powder to lace parting areas*

“Okay, now that I did that, I’m just going to take these little ponytails off because I don’t the wig to possibly come off as I’m trying to style it. I’m just going to loosen those and take these clear little clips that come with it off as well. Aright, now that I got those off, I’m just going to spray my hairline with the got2b glued blasting Freeze Spray.”

*Applies wig to head*

“Then, massage the wig into that spray. What do y’all think? Should I do baby hairs or no baby hairs? This is how she looks with no baby hairs. Obviously if you want her to look more natural, you have to go in with your tweezers and tweeze along the lace edge portion of the wig. If you were to tweeze you would obviously have to get rid of the shed hair, so you would have ti either run your fingers through it or brush it away and that will ruin the curls. So, I’m not going to that in this video, so we are going to leave the wig as is without plucking it. So, this is how she looks when you take her out of the package and didn’t want any baby hairs. But, I love my baby hairs y’all so I’m going to go ahead and add some. I’m going to be using the Gorilla Snot gel, and I am going to apply that, put my head scarf on, and I’ll be right back!”

“Okay, I’m back! The only thing I did was literally just do my baby hairs and put the headscarf on so, let’s see what we got here! I did leave the headscarf on for 10 minutes, just to let the baby hairs and the got to be to set. She’s not bad, she’s not bad! I just have to get her a little flat at the top and just because she already has a middle part going on, I’m going to leave the middle part for this hairstyle. But, she’s pretty, she’s very, very full, I would just love for her to be a little more flat at the top. So, I’m just going to grab some water, and spray her down. “ *Flattens top of head*

“I’m just going to grab my scissors and give her a little more layers in the front here. In case you wanted to do a middle part, you can see how I would style her. Just going to cut a little bit more. The next thing I’m going to do is brush, not all the way through but just at the top of the hair to flatten it out some, just to mold it a little bit. Then I’m going to put my scarf on and leave this on for about two minutes and then take it off. “

*Models hairstyle Chaka Khan from different angles. *

“I do feel like because of the construction of this wig, it is difficult to have the hair laying completely flat at the top, and the reason for that is because there are parts here and then there are tracks in between, and because of that, there is a hump that you get. So, if you wanted it to be completely flat I feel like you’d have to slice out hair or thin or shed it out from here to get it completely flat. So that is a tip if you do want it flat, but if you don’t want to, it will look like this. You can probably get some bobby pins, if you want to do a hair style like that and add some water like I did, and then smooth it down like this, and then put the bobby pins here *places pins right above ear*, like that’s a style I’ve been seeing people wear. So, we are going to try that and see how it comes out. I’m just going to put bobby pons here and have it looking big at the bottom. The flatter you can get it, the better it looks. Very cute! I think this is cute! I love this! Let me just brush it out to make it a little less perfect… and to you know, give me more volume. “

*Models hair from different angles. *

“I think the next style I want to do is probably a ponytail because how it looks sleek and flat like this and then big volume at the end. So, this is the second look, with it looking like it’s in two ponytails, you would probably have to get something to hold it down more if you chose to do this hairstyle. But I LOVE THIS! You could add some gold stuff, so we are going to do that! I don’t know if I want to add the gold things to the front because I don’t have a cornrow there and people mostly use cornrows there. Let me put the little gold thing here *places on top center of head. * I mean, if I had a few of them, that would be REALLY cute. Let’s try it! “

*Places three gold loops on the middle and two sides of head, models hairstyle in different angles. *

“Where would you wear this hairstyle to? Let me know in the comment section!”

*Models styles Princess Jasmine, Coretta, Helen of Troy, Rosa Parks, Diana Ross, Queen Imani, Queen Nefertiti, Madam C. J. Walker, Donna Summer, and Michelle Obama in all different angles. *

“Let me know down below in the comment section what your favorite hairstyle was and which one you will be trying! Thank you so much for watching!”   


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