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Posted on April 10 2019


“Hey guys it’s your girl Kameron coming today with another video! This one is all about Outré’s Swiss U collection, which is this gorgeous wig that I have on my head, and several other wigs in their collection. Make sure you check the description box down below to get all the tea about their new collection!”

“So, this wig that I have right here is slaying my life y’all. First of all, let me get into the color. Y’all know I love a DR30, I play it pretty safe with colors but… it’s a classic! I mean, you can’t go wrong! It’s for everybody! Anyway, so in this video I am going to show you 5 different hairstyles you can get with this 1 Outré wig. I’m also going to show you guys the unboxing.”

“This is the hairstyle that I’m going to show you guys, and I actually ended up cutting the wig, and I’ll show you guys the entire process. So, to see the 5 hairstyles that I came up with this one gorgeous Outré wig...stay tuned!”

“So, this is the packaging y’all. And, I’m sorry it’s not in its initial packaging, but, this is from the Outré Swiss U collection in the style Kendall, color DR30. It’s heat resistance y’all, up to 400 degrees, and it’s their double U Vixen lace wig. AND, she’s gorgeous, look at the color! Look at these layers…okay! They provided rubber bands, which I appreciate, thank you for the freebies! I wasn’t getting many tangles, just a few snags at the end of the wig, and the layers are gorgeous! And, I wasn’t getting much shedding at all!”

“So, here is what the brochure looks like, and I forgot to show you guys what the inside looks like, so I inserted a clip, and it shows you several styles that you can do with this wig. So, looking at the construction of the cap, you have two combs at the top, two combs on the side, checking for a comb in the middle…none lol, a comb on the bottom as well as an adjustable strap. You see those lines throughout the wig where you could see a lighter color? That’s actually the lace where you can do different parting styles in the wig and that’s what really makes it a Vixen wig. I’m just adjusting the adjustable strap, it’s like a bra strap…clip clip, y’all know! So, here I’m cutting off the lace really quick, y’all see me do this a hundred times. Cut off the lace at the bottom, cut off the lace at the top, major key, DO NOT cut in a straight line! So, then I gently tug on the wig to get rid of the excess shedding, but now, we’re about to slay this wig!”

*Places wig on head*

“Ooh! Y’all! First off, do y’all see? That looks SO GOOD! What? Look at the hairline! I didn’t add any powder or anything! WOW! I’m shook! Let’s get to styling! So, let’s part this down the middle… so each to part, y’all saw that? SO easy to part! And I don’t have any Got to Be glue to keep the wig down, but that could definitely be used even on synthetic wigs, to keep the wig down while you’re styling her but I’m going to see if I can style her without doing that. I do get a few snags at the end because the hair is super-duper long so long! But look at this! Let’s get a straighter, let’s see if this wig can actually hold heat!”

“So, if y’all have seen my recent video of how I curl my straight weave wigs, natural hair all that with a straightener, and I’m going to be using that same straighter. So, I’m using my favorite straightener the Diamond Black Straighter, so I’m putting it on 350 because the wig says its good up to 400 degrees. I’m going to do a test on the back, which I usually do with weaves to make sure. Okay, it didn’t melt, and it doesn’t smell like it’s about to smell so that’s good. I am going to turn it down just a bit because it was a bit hot. So, I am going to put it on 320, and you see this part right here? I’m just going to lift it a little bit and get that to lay down a bit, just the top half of it. I am actually going to turn it up to 340 because it’s not burning it, but it was definitely hot before. That helped a little but using s hot comb would really get it good. We’ll fix it later, we are about to start styling anyway. I am going to add powder to the part because I can already tell that adding powder will slay my life! Look how long this hair is…like, this is definitely getting cut! I’m definitely cutting this. It’s like, I love the layers up here, but this is like, I don’t know…like really, really thin here, and needs to be cut. So, I’m going to cut it at the end but first I wanted to show you guys styling it just how it is, and then I’m going to spin around, y’all know, do a little spin around for you all so y’all could see how the wig looks!”

“I am going to go ahead and add powder to the part, and I am using L’Oréal True Match Foundation powder and the color I am using is Cappuccino, as usual. So, I know y’all can see it’s kind of light right here, if y’all want you can add a black eye shadow and blend it in because that part doesn’t necessarily have to be your skin tone if that makes sense, so that’s what I am going to do.”

“So, like I said, I am going to go in with a black eye shadow and just kind of put that around the edges of the wig so that it blends in more. I don’t know if you guys remember how it looked before. So here is this side, y’all see? No black. And then I’ll go ahead and add the black to this side, so you can see the difference, and I am putting it all over, especially because I am not about to put in any gel or anything. Y’all see that compared to this side? Huge difference! Major key! Make sure not to put the black powder where the part would be, so I wouldn’t put it here cause that part should be the color of my skin.”

“And I will say, my natural hair underneath, I don’t have it perfectly braided. Y’all I really tied it in a low bun, but that could be why the wig is laying weird, so don’t come for me! It’s NOT the wig, it could definitely be me. But up here, I don’t know what’s going on…another pro tip for this is to put the straightener under the wig and gently get it down, which I wish I would’ve done, but it’s okay cause I have it on. We’re going to just work with the volume you know, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So just kind of play into the volume. Another pro tip is to put a dab of Got to Be glue or some kind of lace tape hair glue whatever you like, right on the center of the part, and that will leave that part laying down, which looks a lot more natural. Like I said, I didn’t do that, I just wanted to keep it easy and simple for y’all! But, that’s definitely a pro tip if you wanted to do that, to make it look even more natural. I think it looks pretty good!”

“Alright y’all, so this is the first hairstyle, just your traditional slang middle part, I really like the way this looks, and the layers in this wig just really give this hair life and the color is just gorgeous, DR30 is my go to! You cannot go wrong! Real quick, last thing before I spin around. I do want to point out that this wig is dark rooted, throughout the unit which I love, meaning there are dark roots throughout it. I think it makes it look a lot more natural because it makes your roots look like their growing out, so I really like the way that this looks. Now when I spin around, remember my natural hair is in a bun, so I don’t know what the back looks like! So Sharkeesha don’t come for me lol! But anyways, let me go ahead and spin around so you guys can see the back!”

“So, as you see, the hair is super-duper long. So, like I said, I am already planning on cutting it. So yeah let’s get to the second style, like I said, this is the first style.”

*Demonstrates how to create look 2*

“Alright, so here’s the second look, really cute and simple. It took like two seconds. So yeah, this second look is really cute. All I did was just clip up the bangs, but I think it looks cute. It gives it a little something else. It looks like you actually “styled” your hair rather than just leaving it out, but I love the way this looks, really cute, still giving me a slay vibe, and a little bit a professional one cause the hair is pulled back! So, this is what the back looks like. Hope it looks fine. Now if you have cute little bobby pins, that’s a nice way to add a little touch to the hair. But I really like the way this looks. So, this is style number 2!”

*Demonstrates how to create look 3*

“Okay, so this is look number 3, super simple. I was going to do a twisted braid type of style, but I actually wouldn’t wear my hair like that or anything in public. So, I didn’t want to false represent a look. Anyway, this is the third look, I really like the ponytail with half up half down. I don’t know but I like the thinner, small ponytail. I thought this was really cute! I love how this looks!”

*Demonstrates how to create look 4*

“Top knot bun! Cute! And I kind of like that it’s a little messy, it doesn’t have to be perfect. If you want to add bobby pins, definitely do so. If you want a tighter bun, bigger bun, further out bun, and all the buns, you could do that. But, I kind of like the way this looks. Trying to spread the hairs out so it looks like that what’s you’re going for, a messy top knot bun. Super freaking cute!”

“Okay, and last but not least…I’m cutting this wig! I know, I know somebody is probably like…No! Don’t cut it sis, don’t do it lol. But, I’m cutting it, sorry guys!”

*Demonstrates how to cut unit*

“I kind of like it, but I kind of want to go a little bit shorter. What do you guys think? Yeah, let’s go a little bit shorter, just a little bit, a wee bit!”

“Look at that! I feel like just cutting it gave it a lot more body and life cause that extra hair was kind of like…”  

*Demonstrates how to create look 5*

“But seriously, who doesn’t love a good side part? And the curls and layers go with the side part too, BOOM! So, this is look number 5! Short, and a side part! Comment down below, side part or middle part?”

“So yeah guys that’s it! Thank you so much for watching!”

“The Swiss U collection is awesome, it gives you a lot of different variety when it comes to hairstyling. Y’all know I keep it pretty basic, but I like to dip and dap every once in a while, especially when I can do a middle part slay and a side part slay! Y’all know I love that!”

“I’m definitely going to provide a link to this wig down below, so you can check it out! Shout out to BeautyKrew, they are a new online Beauty Supply website and go ahead and show them some love!”


Outre Lace Front Swiss U Vixen U Part Wig - Jordyn

Outre Lace Front Swiss U Vixen U Part Wig - KENDALL

Outre Lace Front Swiss U Vixen U Part Wig - KRISTIA

Outre Lace Front Swiss U Vixen U Part Wig - RYLEE

“The hair layers are gorgeous, I really am enjoying this wig!”


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