Bang Ponytail in 5 min‼️ | Pretty Quick Bang & Pretty Quick Pony| Chuchi Train

Bang Ponytail in 5 min‼️ | Pretty Quick Bang & Pretty Quick Pony| Chuchi Train

“So let's start with your hair washed and ready to be put into a ponytail. I have already detangled my hair and I'm using a Denman brush, so that it'll be easy for me to get it into a ponytail. And, I just take one of these stretchy ponytail holders to put my hair. So, I’m using the MC7 collection edge tamer. This is the best edge tamer for me, for my type of hair texture. It definitely lasts a full 24 hours to 72 hours depending on the way that I do it. If I'm doing it this way, it'll last me about a day. But if I do it when my hair is wet, it'll last me two to three days. And the great thing about MC7 collection edge tamer is that it does not give you that white build-up and it has a greasy texture, because it is infused with castor oil. So, it's also giving your hair those nutrients and slayin’ at the same time baby!”

“So now after we got our hair in a ponytail and everything is I'm ready to go, I'm just going to put my hair in a small braid and twist it around the base of the ponytail so that we can create a bun. Then, I'm going to lay my hair down with my scarf, trusty dusty scarf! So yeah, I'm just tying it here and securing everything as flat as I possibly can. And you have a quick turn around…”

“On to the next step! We're going to use the Pretty Quick Bang in the Pretty Quick Pony in the Kinky Straight 24 inch in 1B. It comes with those two bobby pins and this little piece that you will wrap around. And, it comes with three kind of combs. So, we're just going to insert all of the combs and wrap it around the base of the bun that you have made. Then you're going to gather all of the hair up and take that piece that is used to wrap around, and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. AND.. we're done!”

“Put the bobby pin in there that they already give you, and you’re good to go! Pretty quick pony! Listen, this is a super quick pony! That’s what they should have put: SUPER quick pony! So now, we're going to put in our Pretty Quick Bang in China Bang. and we're going to clip it on to our hair. The thing that I love about the Pretty Quick Bang and Pony is that this is so super easy guys. Like Wow! Literally you can have a hairstyle in a matter of 15 minutes! All you have to do is put your hair into a ponytail and boom, boom! Like this is ridiculous, how quick and easy Outre has made it for us. Especially if you know you are a person like me. that doesn’t really like doing edges or really can’t do baby hairs like that. Boom! Throw on a Pretty Quick Bang and you're ready to go! It's just perfect because it's already cut. You don't have to do anything. They also have two other styles. They have a swoop bang and a crescent bang. So, you have those other options and this is the end result guys!”

“You can purchase all of these items on beautykrew Just search Pretty Quick and it's pretty cheap! So, if you're looking for an affordable do, this is it! Make sure you like, comment and subscribe! Bye!

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