Biggest Myth busted! Sunscreen is Essential for people with Dark Skin tone too. KEEP THE MELANIN POPPIN!!

Biggest Myth busted! Sunscreen is Essential for people having Dark Skin tone too.

Historically speaking and considering the statistics A 2012 study found that 47% of dermatologists admitted that they weren’t properly trained on skin conditions in Black people. A 2014 study found that Black people were prescribed sunscreen roughly 9 times less than their white counterparts. Even in cases of pigment-related skin diseases where sun sensitivity is a concern, doctors still tell Black people to use sunscreen much less than their white counterparts.

But with time improvements and incoming of the modern era, People developed their understanding of skin tones and importance of skin- this is when they realised that dark people don’t need a sunscreen was just a myth!

It’s a matter of fact that every skin tone when under the rays of sun or uv needs a uv protector which is a sunscreen. 


"In spite of the fact that the additional melanin in darker skin offers some insurance, it doesn't obstruct all the bright (UV) radiation," said Dr. Michael Lin, organizer of Dr. Lin Skincare Institute.

Dr. Karyn Grossman of Grossman Dermatology in Santa Monica and New York City concurred that any tan whatsoever demonstrates harm to the hereditary code of your skin. "It's this harm at last prompts skin malignancy and maturing," she said. "Also, this applies to skin everything being equal. Having darker-conditioned skin or skin that tans effectively doesn't mean it's OK to tan. Regardless you're harming your skin."

Tips to prevent any damage:

  1. Use a sunscreen everday before stepping out of the house
  2. Use a spf of 30-50 for better results
  3. Take care of your skin, prevent tanning.

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