“Hey you guys! Thanks for coming to check out this video! So, here is the unit that I have, it is from Outré. It is a Swiss Double U Lace Synthetic wig, and I have it in the color 4. This one is called Kristia. So, here on the stock card, you see a lot of different options. You can go from braids, to middle part and side part, and even the two space buns at the top. So, this unit definitely has a lot of versatility in terms of styling. I don’t know if I am going to show every style in this video, however, I will insert some pictures if I style it and don’t end up showing it.”

“So, here is the wig, the waves are absolutely gorgeous. The sections are separated in rubber bands which makes it easier to find. There are small white rubber bands on the side to help you find the parting areas as well. You can see that there is lace, so you can see through the areas that are parting spaces. The lace is soft lace, and this is how the unit looks on the inside. So, you have two complete rows of a U. You have a larger U at the bottom and a smaller U at the top. This way you could do a half up half down style, or a mini bun at the top, one ponytail at the top, or two small ones. You could do a left side part, right side part, or a deeper left side part, or deeper right-side part. That’s a lot of options for this unit. So, when it comes to cap construction, you do have five combs, two on the lower side, two at the top and one comb in the back along with your adjustable straps. So you definitely have a lot of combs in this unit as well.”

“This unit is very long as well. Looks like it is about 26 inches long.”

*Demonstrates placing the unit on head and setting it properly.*

“So, right off the bat, I noticed that this wig fits really well. I don’t feel like I need to cut the lace around my ears or anything like that. I would be concerned if you have a larger sized head. I have a medium sized head, but I guess if you have a larger sized head you can place the wig to just behind your hairline, and just pull some of your edges out and you should be fine.”

“Now that I have the wig on, you can see it from top to bottom, I’m going to go ahead and start taking off those small elastic bands that help you find the two U shaped sections. Once you take them out, it is harder to find those two U shaped sections, but I did want to style the unit and figure out the baby hairs, which I couldn’t do with the rubber bands still in the unit.”

*Demonstrates setting of edges and baby hairs, demonstrates how to style the unit. *

“So, you guys, this hair is super pretty! It is gorgeous hair and it is fully of layers, perfect curls, and a lot of texture. The hair definitely has a Yaki texture which is really nice. It feels that flat ironed, natural hair. It is very thick, and I did notice that it was shedding on me quite a bit, so that was a little bit of a concern.”

“I wanted to go ahead and start styling the hair, so I can show you guys the different parting sections. Now, of course, you can put this hair into a pony tail. I however chose not to do that for this video, but I will insert some pictures of this hair in a ponytail, so you can see what that looks like. If you want the hair to stay flat, you might want to wet the top of the wig with a spray water bottle. Or you can add some hairspray to train the hair and parts to where you want it to be. Me, personally, I don’t mind my part having some volume and being super defined, so I’m fine with the hair like this, it is totally your preference.”

“I went ahead and did the middle part as well, so you guys could see the middle part. My preference for this wig is definitely the middle part. I think the middle part is absolutely gorgeous and it is super easy to find. The other parts were really hard to find you guys, I’m not even going to sugar coat it. But the middle part is very pretty, it’s effortless and I just love how the curls flow and the layers fall. So this was the last art that I was able to find you guys, I am so sorry you guys but it was impossible to find lol. I realized that I probably shouldn’t have taken out the rubber bands, but I didn’t care because I was in love with the wig regardless.”

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