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“Hey everyone! Welcome back my channel! So, yesterday on snap, I posted a picture of my hair and you guys, a lot of you loved it! And, I love it too honestly. It’s the easiest hairstyle I think I've ever done, and I'm so in love with it. up I don’t think I’m ever going to take these out. I was going to try the different colors. They have these in 27, the blonde or a light brown. I was going to have fun with these because it's honestly so easy and so cheap. I paid 30 dollars for this hair and did it myself.  So, I'm all about saving your money and yeah so make sure you guys follow me on snap chat, and Instagram as well. So yeah, let’s get right in!”

You can have lots of faux locs hairstyle at Beautykrew  and also this tutorial also how to install faux locs step by step 


“The first thing you're going to need some gel. I didn’t show you guys how I set my edges because I didn’t want to get too much gel on them. But, I’ll show you guys the gel I use. I use ECO style gel, the crystal one. I like the green bottle, the green box, the green jar one, it’s all one,  because it doesn't make the edges crusty, so I can just wash it out at night. But, then you are going to need a crochet needle. I ordered mine from the Beautykrew.com that I bought my hair. Me personally, I use four packs of the Bomba Dreadlocks Faux Locs Soul. Make sure you get the Soul addition. I got another addition and it was too skinny and I didn’t like it. So yeah this is the one that looks juicy and, you know as real as it can get as far as for dreads. so that's me much all I need. So, let’s go ahead and jump right into the tutorial.”

“Luckily, I have a few locs left. So, I’m just going to take down a couple. We're going to take down a couple of locs and I'm going to show you guys how easy it is to take it out and put it back in. I’m going to take this one down because its already sliding out anyway. So, I'm going to kind of find my braid goes and pull it right out and then there is going to be a little knot; just going to pull it and then pull it right back through. So, then the lock will slide right out. So I have two little singlets that I braided in. Going to take it down. So again, find your braid up top, pull it out of the dreadlock. So, there its out and then there's a loop at the top. I’m just going to pull it straight through. “

“I don’t think I’m going to reuse these locs. But, for the sake of the video, I wanna show you guys how I got it to look like this, like all shaggy and destressed at the ends.  So, three braids out. I wanted to redo this one anyway. So, I'm going to take this out. That was, the easiest to take out. So now that we have these braids out, I used four packs of the Bomba Dreadlocks. They look like this. I just googled the name, cause I saw Ivy sleek styles use the same hairstyle, so I wanted to use this hair. So, I went all over google and let me tell you guys. This hair is hard to find. I will have the link where I got it in description box. It has 15 dreads in each so a total of 60. So, you want to kind of think of that while you’re braiding your hair of course.”

“So, I did like 50…I mean…I have four left. I did 56 braids like this so just random parting. In the front I kind of tried to a uniform parting, like one set side part by having a nice flip over. I just really wanted a side part to be the main focus. But, I just free parted the back. I wasn't looking in the mirror back there. Because I didn't want it to be too uniform, so I just went ahead and did a random part in front and in the middle and in the back. But I made sure the front looked somewhat in unison in a put back. Like, you see? It looks even. They don't flip the back like that. So, in the front is your main priority and then in the back just separated. Those are little single braids, nothing crazy and even braid the ends. The ends are just twisted up cause they were twisted into the dreadlock. But, very, very simple. You're also going to need a crocheting needle. You can find them everywhere I believe. I ordered mine from other near from the same website I got my hair from. So, you're going to need a crochet needle and dreadlocks.”

“So, what you're going to do is, you're going to take the needle, close it from the little clamp on there. It has a little clamp on there, so you got to make sure its closed before you go into your braid. So, put your finger on it and then stick it up, underneath the braid, at the base. And then it should come right out. And then what you’re going to do is take your dreadlock, it has a little loop on it. All dreadlocks have a premade loop, and I need to stick the loop onto the needle, like that, you can see. Then you want to close needle and bring it through the base of the braid. Then, you take the needle off, hold the braid and the loop, and then pull both of them through the hole and then, pull tight. And, it’s not anything crazy like super tight. Then you're going to just feel the direction where the dreadlock twists up. So, you want to feel the direction that it unravels and then you’re going to just start to wrap your braids around the dreadlock. You really want to make sure it's tight at the root so that you don't have the braid peeking through. and then just twist it, literally just twist it around. So it should kind of look like this.”


“You guys, this hairstyle is so easy like I was talking to people on my snapchat, and I was telling them that I was reaching out to a few hairstylists for the cost of this hairstyle and majority of them were $400 and up. The max that someone told me was $500 to do this hairstyle.  This hairstyle is so easy. You saw it, I just put it through the hole and then you wrap it around, that’s it. I literally just wrap it around my hair. Depending on how fancy you want to get it to, I didn't want mine too fancy. I just wanted very simple so I just got the some beads. People like to have curly ends coming out like that. I want it very simple, I want it to look as real as possible. So, that's why I like this style. But anyways, you can see that the dreadlocks is now on my head.”


“Alright, so now let's do another one. I take braid, stick it through. Clamp the dread onto the hook, a little bit closer. Pull it back out, put your finger through the loop, pull the braid and the dreadlock. Very important, I tried it without pulling the braid through but, they were going to show. So, make sure you should pull with both the dreadlock and the braids through the loop. Then you want to pull it, tight. And then again, at the base, feel for where the raveling direction goes and then follow that direction. In other words, then I want to just wrap it around. Make sure that its tight at the roots so that your braid doesn’t peak through. You want to make sure you get a color that's very similar to your hair if you want to look natural. That’s why this is so easy for me, because my hair in jet black and the dreadlocks are jet black so it blended it very easily. Even, some of them have the braid coming but it’s obviously not that noticeable whatsoever.”

“When you get to the ends, pull it and twist it back up again since they tend to loosen up. And then you have it dreaded guys, it’s all done! Alright, lets do this little baby one down here. You see how fast I’m going? This took me 6 hours, but I was watching Netflix. So, it all depends on what you're doing at that time. If you stay focused, you guys can honestly probably finish in 3 hours. The longest part is probably the braiding, that's it. Alright, so again, I’m going to take it, put it on the hook, pull it through and that time I didn't even have to close the clamp. I just et it close as it was going through. It automatically closed on its own so. Pull it tight, follow the unraveling of the dread. Then, you just twist it. And then, my last one right here that I'm going to do. So Again, take the needle put your dreadlock on the hook, it’ll close on its own if you pull through and then, take the hook off.  Then pull the braid and dreadlock through the loopPull it tight at the root and then follow the direction of the lock unravelling. Sorry you guys for that beeping noise, that’s my alarm going off. And, then, literally just wrap it around.”

“Boom! And you're done with your dreadlocks you guys! But yeah you guys, that it! That’s pretty much how I get the crochet on there. But, I’m going to show you guys ,you see the ends? I want it to look like this, a little longer and more distressed. So, I'll show you guys what I do. This is what it looks like. This is the before and this is the after. So, what you want to do is take a blow dryer, put it on high heat, then, turn your blow dryer on and literally pull the dreadlock like this, and then blow it out. See how the dreadlocks stretch out? And, that’s because this hair is either Kenakalon or Synthetic. So, it burns easily, allowing the dreadlocks to form those ends again. “

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