"Hey everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing this unit from Beauty Krew, a relatively new online beauty supply company. They were nice enough to send me a couple of things! They sent me lashes, a wig unit, as well as some Biotin oil drops!
Let’s talk about these lashes, first! The one’s that I am wearing today I think are super cute, but if these are too dramatic for you, then they sent me two other pairs as well! They come in such cute packaging! The pair that I have on right now is called Krew004 and I think they are super dramatic but super cute! These may not be an everyday lash for you but for me it is! I will say that I love the
construction of these lashes, they do not come off as plastic looking or the shiny type. They come across as natural and have a strong band as well. I was also sent two other pairs from Beauty Krew, Krew009 and Krew001, both which are much more natural looking. Like I said, I’ll be putting a link to Beauty Krew’s website in the description, they have lots of things on their site.

Here are these drops that were sent to me by them as well. They sent me two different things. One is Biotin by BioVita, which strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. I think I won’t be able to review these accurately because I’m bald now. But, I’ll be applying this monthly to my hair, so, I will do monthly checks for you guys to see. They also sent me a hair regrowth treatment by Biotin by BioVita as well. This is clinically proven to revitalize hair follicles and fight hair loss. Because I know that there are a couple of you who have emailed me saying that you are suffering from Alopecia and thinning hairline, I think that these are some great options!

I have checked these out on YouTube before agreeing to review them as well have met someone who has used them, and she said that her hair is healthier than ever before! We will see! I’m starting this treatment today and I’m going to be coming back with monthly updates for you guys!

The wig that they sent me is actually the wig I have been looking at, I was going to get it in Burgundy, but they sent it to me in the color 613 already! The wig that I am bringing you today is by Outré, in the style Iba.

Miss Iba is heat safe up to 400 degrees and is also comes with pre-braided styling. Iba 613 is part of their Perfect hairline and from what I’ve seen, from the
reviews on YouTube, it seems pretty perfect! Miss Iba comes with a fully hand-tied 613 frontal, no plucking required! She comes with baby hairs, six-inch-deep parting, and lace! Iba comes with an elastic band already sewn in! This is the first time that I’ve ever seen that!

This is Miss Iba, straight out of the packet, and there is the pre-braided styling that they have.

On the inside, there is a 13 x6 inch parting space, two combs in the front and one comb in the back. Iba also comes with adjustable straps as well as the elastic band! Y’all, if you don’t know what an elastic band is, I sometimes sew in an elastic band to my wigs to help them fit correctly, and I am so happy that this wig already has it for me! I am loving these pre-braided wig styles.

Now, let’s apply Iba and see how she looks!
Okay! So I had to stop mid-way to let you guys know... Y’all! This is the most comfortable wig I have ever worn! And I don’t know if it’s because of the elastic band but y’all! It fits so good!

There’s the hairline! Okay, let’s go back to it and play with this! Be right back!

*Demonstrates how to apply, set and brush unit into place. Demonstrates how to set baby hairs. *

I like this wig! I am shook! This is gorgeous! I am definitely going to get this wig in two other colors! Two more reviews on this wig coming your way because this is cute, and it fits so comfortably! The 613 isn’t bad, but you all know that I don’t really like yellow based blondes. I’ll probably go through and dye this, but it is still super cute! Makes me come across as Elsa! Let it go! Let it go… let ANY doubts you have for getting Iba from Beauty Krew…GO! This is definitely a good, creative wig! This wig makes me feel like I’m in at least the upper 70’s lol! That’s the type of wig this is! You put it on at home and look cute all day! Y’all this wig is definitely cute! Look at that wave pattern! It’s is dope! There is no other way to word it!

I definitely recommend this wig from Beauty Krew! Beauty Krew, thank you SO much, for sending me this! Big Ups to Beauty Krew, go check them out!

You guys, I love this wig, it’s a gorgeous wig!

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