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“Girls! What are you doing? Are y’all watching me? Keep watching cause can’t nobody at that job beat you up! Especially Karen, cause I’ve always got something slick to say to you!  So, keep watching okay!”

“Hey y’all! I’m back with another wig review! And I'm super excited about this wig review because this wig is from a company that we worked with a while back and they were one of the first companies to ever send me a wig and I love this company!

 I have continued to order with them since I did that first review. And, that company is… BeautyKrew! Okay, I don’t know if y’all remember, a long time ago… I reviewed that wig: Eva? It  was blonde and it gave you like a Lord of the Rings tease, okay! They also sent me some hair drops because y’all remember that I've freshly shaved my head and those drops work! I incorporate them into my daily routine on my hair now! So, I love love, love, love, love, LOVE BeautyKrew!”


“And, BeautyKrew was nice enough to send us over a few units to review so thank you BeautyKrew for the support! Y'all, look in the description box. I'll be sure to put a link to this wig, the store, and all that good jazz. But, also make sure you go follow them on Instagram because that's honestly how I found out about BeautyKrew. On the gram okay! So, go check them out okay!”

“The wigs that they sent me, I'm also excited about because I believe that BeautyKrew is the only company that sells this brand that. The Kim sisters? I think so! They also sent me that wig to review as well! I don't know if y'all… I’ll put a picture over there… I don't know if y'all remember that blue wig and it had purples and stuff in it? Y'all, I got some of the most compliments on the darn wig. I wore out that wig until the wheels fell off okay! Y'all know I normally don't go for colored units like that, but that was such a good quality wig! I would wear it on the weekend. So I'm excited! Thank you BeautyKrew for sending this over.”

“Okay, the wig that they sent us is by their Kim Sisters line again. I have it in the style NBS I 218 and I'll put all this in the description box. And, they sent it to me in the color OM 99 J / 118. Miss I 218 comes with a super DI parting space. It says it is heat safe up to 400° okay. It is lace front. They give you some wig tape but sise I can't use that because I barely got edges as we speak! It tells you how to put the wig tape on if you want to use it okay.”

“Now, I can't lie. By the time this is uploaded, cause I'm already ordering some wigs like some older units cause I'm about to start a series on this channel, I am going back to get this wig in that color. Cause y’all know I live for a face framing highlight. Look at all that highlight on my cheeks as we speak, and blush! So, if I can frame my face with highlights, okay, Kim sisters and BeautyKrew, that's what we going to do!”

“Okay, all right! Yeah let's look at 218. Okay, it came with lace, I've already cut it off. It’s a brown tinge and it is soft Swiss lace, okay? This color is going to bang for the Fall! I don't know, is it picking it up? Yeah, yeah! Look ya'll! And although I love me an Ash blonde, y'all love me in reds! Y'all love to see me in a red unit, so I'm so happy that they picked this. It's like a dark, burgundy here and it goes into a lighter red at the bottom. And look at these layers, that's already cut! So, I know the 218 about to hit baby! Is that what it's called? Yeah, 218. It's about to hit okay? Alright she comes with a comb here to right, a comb here to the left, a coming back with adjustable straps. And look at that damn parting space, okay, look at that! So there is a deep part and a wide part and I haven’t plucked it and look at it! Y'all know I'm lazy, okay. That's why I don't got no hair, cause I'm too lazy, okay!”

“All I got to do with this hair is put in some leave in conditioner and regrowth drops and I'm out okay? Y’ all, I love it when a wig comes this well, to where I don't have to do too much to it, okay! 218 also comes with baby hairs.  That, y'all know how I feel about baby hairs…these ones they're not… you know pretimed. These are actually shorter baby hairs okay. Y'all know I'm just going to brush them off to the side because I don’t do the whole baby hair thing. I'm a grown-ass woman with grown-ass student loan debt okay. But, if you like baby hairs, this company Kim Sisters was nice enough to put it there. Okay, let me take off my little hat. Y'all want to know why I got this hat on. I went to winn-dixie okay, the ex told me he wanted some something to eat okay, so you know we got to keep him happy cause we use his credit card to order these wigs. You know, we scam him, so we keep him fed. Okay, let me put on this stocking before I start giving away all my dirt secrets before y'all click off my video. Since I'm trying to tell you how to get these wigs, let's put 218 on and see what she is hitting on. No tangling or shedding by the way, cause I ran my fingers through it before I cut the lace and nothing okay! And, like I said it's a middle parting space. Ooh! She fits comfortably!”


“NO! Look at me! Cause this already looks good and I ain't  do nothing to It yet! Yup, I’m going to keep this one on for when he bring his beer up over here. See? Oh yeah!  Yo, yo, yo! This might be the one! Okay, I got a little hump-ish there, but I know that my flirt on a hill that it don’t even matter that I got a little hump back there honey!”

“Okay that don't matter cause this looks good! Let me stop being so ratche. Y'all know I'm ratchet! I’d say sophistaratchet like cause I could talk to you about imperialism. I could talk to you about the Spanish-American war but sis, I can also talk to you about city girls okay! Let’s put some powder in this part. Y'all, and look at how good that parting, I have not plucked it at all! I ain't plucked it cause y'all know I'm lazy and you know I'ma be honest with you about reviews. There's that little hump. I can put a flat iron back there to lay it down but y'all ain't even going to do all of it. Y'all look at this! Mm-hmm! Y'all this just reminds me of a wig that I had, that's a little bit more expensive. It's by Bobby Boss and it's called… what is that darn wig…? It’s either Penelope or Dinah Hill. It might be both of them. Y'all! And I reviewed that one… y'all this is that wig’s dupe. And, y'all know how I feel about Bobby Boss but I'm almost tempted to say that I like this one better. simply because of that parting space. Y'all look at that color up close!”

“When BeautyKrew said that they were going to send me this wig, they said what color? I said, whatever color you choose. And, it's like they knew the color was going to hit! Y'all as I run my fingers through it, still no tangling, no shedding at all. And you know, I'd be trying to get some so I could tell y’all. This is just cute! This is very vintage tease. Y'all this is cute! And it's a nice length. So, it's not all the way down to my waist okay. It fell right over them under you know, by Dorothy and by Betty White okay, under my boobies! And I don't even got on my good bra today okay, so they look a little saggy and you see where the hair is falling. It looks good! This is a good wig okay!”

“I definitely, definitely, definitely hands-down recommend this wig! Y’all, its cute! This one is my winner, winner, chicken dinner”

“You got good credit in this wig sis!  Go down in that car lot and get whatever you want, you don’t need a cosigner okay! you got good credit sis! Don’t play with me! I go to Pier 1 imports to buy my accessories for my home not Ross boo boo! Yeah, that's this type of wig! This wig look like you got money okay!”

“Like I said, I'm keeping it on because we’re going to scam this EX out of some credit cards, I mean out of some wigs. Y’all this looks good! I definitely recommend this wig! You definitely need to go pick it up from BeautyKrew, who is a phenomenal, phenomenal, company! I LOVE BeautyKrew! Y'all know if it's a company that I really don’t like, I’ll be like okay you can't permit. No! BeautyKrew is the company that I actually use and I'm so happy that I reviewed these before I place my order cause I'm going to go back and get this wig in another color and review it for you guys!”

“And that Kim Sisters line just comes in all these fancy funky colors and more natural colors like this. So, I definitely recommend. Like I always say, maybe you're not even into wigs. Maybe it’s your Auntie Kim, Kim Kardashian. Maybe it's not. Maybe its your cousin Kanye okay. And Kanye, you know, used to be gang affiliated, terrorized on the streets but, now he ready to make America golden again. So, put all that aside, you just want to get into wigs, living his best life now okay.  You send them my way!

Me and BeautyKrew getting it right!”

“Thank You BeautyKrew! Until next time you guys, bye!”

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