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Posted on May 13 2019


“What it do YouTube! I’ma let you know right now that my voice is not about to match the picture for this little scene because my camera did not record my voice in silence. But anyways, I'm rambling on about me doing crochet for the first time and that we might learn together. And, if I can't teach you something, somebody else can because there's a million videos out there.”

“So, I wrap my hair in this scarf, so I can go about my day with my braid pattern underneath. I want to show you my braid pattern here…”

 “I wanted this to look as natural as possible. So, I'll put singles around my perimeter and then did about eight braids going back into the big massive braid that I had to sew up with some regular thread. I chose to use the Bomba Dreadlocks from Bobbi Boss because I've seen them everywhere and I was like, they look so natural and I love how I customized the ends and it will be nice and coyly to give it like a goddess look! So, right here I just split the hair and I am braiding it up, so I can get a wavy appearance. After I get done with braiding the locs, I dip them in very hot water, so I can hold their shape. And this is how the ends look once they are dry. Here, I'm just showing you the size of the loop and how well it's constructed. You're going to insert your open latch hook into the base of the braid and put your crochet loc on there. Close the latch hook, and then pull the dread through the braid. Now, take the end of the loc, put it on your latch hook, close it, and then pull it through the loop. Make sure to pull your dreads tightly so you don't have to be picking dreads up off the floor and try to throw them in your purse…NO! I want to show you another close-up of how to do this because I'm telling you, I struggled. I ruined at least five dreads in the process of trying to learn how to crochet. But you know, we don't show you that, we just show you how to do it. We don't show you the struggle.”

“Now, that we’ve tightened that, I'm going to show you how to hide your braid inside the loc. You want to be careful doing this. You want to insert your hook into just a small section and make sure that you get your hook all the way at the top, so you don't have that braid showing like I do in the other one. You can see it peeking through. Close your latch hook and then slowly slide it through the loc. Keep doing the same process until you hide your entire braid.”

*Demonstrates how to hide braid*

“This is what it looks like so far, with just doing the individual braids in the front. Now, onto the back. This part was easier because I just put my loc on the hook, already inserted in my braid and then pulled it right through and tightened it. Don’t mind my mosquito bite, I tried to film this outside, and I thought was a great idea until started getting eaten up. I was like it's time to go!”

*Demonstrates how to insert faux locs into natural hair on the back of the head*

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 “I used six packs of hair, minus the five or six that I totally destroyed when I was trying to practice. BUT, I it covered it up. It was hard to cover my big braids. I'm going to have to find a different way to braid my hair or something because that big bulge is hard to cover.”

“Here we are! Got some dreads decorated

on the way! I want you all to let me know if you want a video on how to decorate your dreads. Maybe next the series. I'm going to be doing more crochet videos because I love this style!”


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