How To Do Your Own Faux Locs | Individual Crochet Method | Nu Locs By Bobbi Boss

How To Do Your Own Faux Locs | Individual Crochet Method | Nu Locs By Bobbi Boss | Makeba


“Hey guys! Today I'm going to share with you all the details on this Faux Locs that I have been rocking lately. So, this hair is by Bobbi Boss and it is called Nu Locs. It is indeed crochet honey! Crochet! Which means you can complete this style WAY faster than your traditional Faux Locs.”

“So, let's talk about how I installed this. Okay, so, I started out with my hair blown out, stretched out and then I created two rows going across my head from ear to ear. And then, within those two rows, I created subsections that just kind of helps the install process, when I do the individual crochet, go a little bit faster. Now, I did that same thing all around my head because initially I wanted to have leave out all across my perimeter. But I kind of run out of time so I actually only ended up doing two rows in the front, of individual crochet. However, if you want to have maximum versatility, this is a great way to kind of lay it out before you start installing.”

“When I say that the hair is crochet hair, that means that each dread comes pre-made individually and you're going to be latching and hooking it into your hair. So, here I'm going to be doing the individual crochet method as opposed to attaching it to a cornrow. So, I do an individual braid. Then, I take the crochet hook and slip it through the top of the braid. Then, I take the bottom of the lock and I attach it because I find that with these, because they're so inconsistent which is what makes them look super natural, they're kind of hard to pull through. So, I find it a little bit easier if you take the ends, set them right at the bottom, as opposed to pulling through the middle and then you pull right through. There you go! See that? I'm sorry that's not clear and it's kind of blurry. That’s what happens when you're filming yourself.”

“So, once it's through, it should be able to slide back and forth fairly easily. Then you're going to find the little hook, the little loop at the top of the dread. Now, these are very tight as I had mentioned. They're not super dense, they're just denser compared to a lot of the other ones that I've ever used. But, so the tip is kind of hard to open up, so just take your time and kind of find that little loop. Then you're going to feed the end through the loop and slide it up to your scalp.”

“Then, you're going to unravel the dread a bit. So, you're going to twist in the opposite direction from which it's wrapped and that kind of opens up the dread because they are hollow inside. So, once it's opened up, now you can wrap your hair within it in the direction that it was wrapped originally. Do you get me? You just wrap in the opposite direction first to open it up. Then, you're going to wrap it in the direction that it was originally. You'll know when you're wrapping in the wrong direction because it will not stay in. You'll be wrapping and it's just unraveling. So, make sure that you wrap first opposite to open. Then, you wrap in the same direction to conceal your braids within the hollow dread. And again, I apologize, this video was kind of blurry. I don't know, this video was a challenge for me to record and get up in there, while also trying to do it at the same time. We are basically going to wrap till the end of your hair.  So, if your hair is short you do not have much wrapping to do. That’s awesome!”

“There you have it. I completed this across the whole front of my head until I had no more left. So, once I was done with the front, I went straight to the back and I braided everything straight back like prison braids. Like I said before, right at a time, I couldn't leave out my whole perimeter, so I went all the way straight back. I separated that into two parts, flipped them over each other and sew them down. Then I moved on to the super easy part, which is adding the crochet in the back, the traditional way. Feed it through, find the hole, loop it through and let it go. That's it!”

“Then, you can move on to the next section. This part, you don't need to wrap the dreads around anything so it's perfect and so quick! And, I continued this throughout the entire back of my head. Now, I used six packs in total. I had three packs of four and two packs of number two and one pack of 27. So, you can see I have a mixture of “le color” because I kind of wanted to go for a very billow, free kind of vibe. So, in my opinion, these are some of the most natural looking crochet locs that I have seen on the market because every loc is different. They're not all perfectly uniform. My only complaint is I wish they were longer honey! Oh!”

“Can I mention as well, these locs also are super natural, because I don't even need to fix my edges. They can just be free, they don't need to be tamed and laid because it looks even better when they're just kinky and nappy and doing what they do best. You know what I mean?”

“Alright guys, I hope you found this video helpful! Muah!”


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