How to Measure your head for a Wig (to get a Perfect Fit)

How to Measure your head for a Wig (to get a Perfect Fit)

A decent, agreeable fit is basic, particularly in the event that you wear your wig for extended amount of time. In the event that a wig top isn't fitting or is unreasonably tight for your head, you will have a sentiment of disappointment that you didn't find a way to locate your size. 

First-time wig wearer? You might need to purchase two distinct sizes, keeping the one that accommodates your head. 

Knowing your head estimations before you request or make a wig, is a key advance.  Having a wig that fits assists with the general look and feel. 

So, If you are planning to purchase a wig for yourself or for any other individual, at that point the first and most significant thing is to ensure it is well-fitted and adept in size. In this way, before I disclose you the means to quantify your head to get an ideal size, first let me tell you about the different estimations accessible in the market. 

To the extent wigs are concerned, they are accessible in various estimations and sizes, being Average, Petite, Large. Look beneath to know the different insights regarding every one of them.

Large : These wigs have a periphery of 23 inches. Their measurement from front to scruff is 15.5 inches and from ear to ear crosswise over distinct hairline is 12 inches. The temple to temple measurement of this hair wig is 16.7 inches, while that from ear to ear over the top is 14 inches. Since this is a to a great extent estimated wig, so the measurement for neck scruff is around 6 inches.

Average : With a periphery of 22.5 inches, these wigs have measurement front to the scruff of 14.5 inches. The ear to ear front hairline measurement is 11.5 inches and the temple to temple measurement is 15.5 inches. The scruff of the neck is around 5 inches, which is a normal size for the vast majority of the people.

Petite : The total perimeter measurement for this sort of wig is 21 inches. This is a little measured wig that is perfect for people with little head size. The measurements from front to scruff are 13.6 inches. There may be slight varieties in this wig with respect to the ear to ear crosswise over front hairline of 10.8 inches. The temple to temple size is 14.5 inches, and the neck scruff measurement is 4.5 inches.

Steps to Measure the Perfect Wig Size :

Before you measure, try to smooth your hair, utilize a material measuring tape (cloth tape ) and don't pull the measuring tape, simply rest it over or around your head. Pulling extends the tape and will give you an inappropriate size.

Pull up your hair and keep them away from your face. Secure all the pulled hairs with a band. If you have a short length of hair, then you can use a cloth head to hold your hair back.

  1. Measure around your head at the hairline. The "around your head" size of each wig can be balanced up to 1" bigger or smaller to guarantee a safe fit. The tape ought to be simply over the ear and along your natural hairline.
  2. Measure your head from the scruff over the crown to the highest point of your forehead where your natural hairline is.
  3. Measure your head from the highest point of one ear, over the crown to the highest point of the other ear, pick the right Size.

When you know your right size, choosing different styles of wigs is a breeze!

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