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“Hey guys, what’s up? Okay, so today, we are finally doing a wig video! The way I’m going to do this is that I am going to be showing you guys how I make my cheap, simple, synthetic wigs look natural. And by natural, I mean decent, because I’m not saying they look 100% natural all the time, but I get a lot of questions about how I apply my wigs and how to make them look more natural.”

“I just went ahead, and I bought this $30 wig, I’ll leave the info down below. Its just like you know, standard beauty supply store wig. So, I am going to show you how I cut the lace, how I make the parting look a little better, make some baby hairs…and we are gonna throw it on! So,I didn’t bother doing my hair today because I am going to be putting on a wig cap anyways. So, I didn’t do anything with it.”

*Used Mane Concept Red Carpet Premiere Lace Front Wig in RCP7004 Dawn*

“Alright, let’s get into it! First things first, what you are going to need…you are definitely going to need scissors, I recommend a pair of little scissors, like the more precise ones that they use for nails and use for your eyebrows. I also definitely recommend having tweezers. You are going to need concealer, gel, and either a spoolie or a toothbrush, or whatever you like to use to finesse your baby hairs a little bit, cause obviously I don’t have any hairs right now.”

“First things first, this is how the wig is going to look when you purchase it. So, it is going to have lace all around the front. It just depends on the type of wig you buy but you know just your standard inexpensive wigs are pretty much going to look like this. They don’t have a full frontal, where you have lace all around the front. They are just going to have lace at ear to ear length and right down the center. As you can see that, that’s where your lace is.”

“Just, I want to show you guys really quick, I will go ahead and cut the lace really quick first. And I am going to just take regular scissors, I was going to use hair care scissors, but I couldn’t find my hair care scissors, and it’s too late to go to the store right now so. Just leaving a tiny bit of lace in front of the hairs.”

*Quickly demonstrates how to cut lace off of unit*

“Done! The next most important part is going to be…the part! And that was…interesting that I said that. So, hopefully you can see all the lace, you can see, all the knots. Now, you can’t bleach them because it is synthetic, you have to pluck them out. And it is very thin, the hair parting is very thin, and you know, our parting doesn’t look like that. Mine doesn’t at least, especially. SO, we are going to want to make it look like a natural parting. This is where the tweezers come in. You can use tweezers if you like, when I do the part, I usually use my hands and just grab little hairs that I see and pull them. But, you sometimes do need to go in with the tweezers. What you also don’t want to do is pluck too much out of the part, because on the sides is where the little tracks lay. I don’t know if you can see but…if you can see that then that’s not going to look good, and you can mess it up easily and you cannot go back, you cannot re glue hairs on top. So, you definitely do not want to pluck too much in the parting.”

*Quickly demonstrates how to create a more natural parting on the unit*

“So here is going to be the end product, what the part looks like. Much better, much thicker, than it was before. After you get done with the part, the next thing is going to be is the baby hairs. All this in the front right here is a mess, if you left it just like this, it would be a NO. Let me show you really quick without messing up my hair too bad. So, it’s just REALLY harsh. This part, you could do on yourself, you could do it on a little mannequin head, you could do it on a little Styrofoam head, which I actually have, or you could just do it free hand. So, normally I just do it free hand because that’s just what I like to do.”

“I ended up pulling out the Mannequin head anyway you guys. It’s just easier to film this way but you don’t need it! So, this is what we are working on, and you’re just going to start by sectioning off where you are going to start plucking. So, I just take a whole chunk of hair. Just going to take it and clip it to the side here… so it’s out of our way.”

*Demonstrates quickly how to pluck baby hairs on mannequin head*

“We are thinning out the hair a lot on this side. If you were to look at this side, there would be a big difference. It’s very full, very, very thick and this side is a lot thinner and that’s what we are going to make our baby hairs out of. You are going to want them very thin, so you do not want… I’ve made this mistake before you guys… you do not want thick, thick adult hairs. You just want tiny little baby hairs, you just want tiny, skinny hairs that peek out okay?”

“Now that I’ve got the little hairs in the front very, very thin, I am going to go ahead and start cutting them. I am going to use my fancy scissors right here… We’ve got the baby hairs done, you can see these little hairs on the side. I am going to go ahead and do the other side off camera, just so that it will be easier and faster. But, you get the idea of what you’d want to do right here. And I will be right back.”

“So, our little honey is all…” doney”. Sorry for that lol. I like to put my concealer underneath the lace. I like to take a little brush and paint the entire lace, so it has the concealer underneath. The reason why I like to do it that way is because I feel like you can see when you put concealer on the top. I feel like, you can see that there is concealer on your hair. I like to take a concealer that is lighter than my skin tone. That way, it gives the same color as the scalp.”

“We are just going to Picasso it up and paint, right where you see the line here.”

*Quickly demonstrates how to apply concealer to unit*

“And now, she’s all concealed up! And… and its actually finally time to put our wig on! First things first, even before we put this on…you’ve got to grab your wig cap! Just going to go ahead and put this on. Since I normally have hair, it doesn’t matter that I have to lay it down or anything like that. The reason I like to push it forward and then pull it back is because it pushes all my hair back. And it gives me a little face lift too, so I am not complaining. This particular wig it has three clips. So, two clips where the hairline is in the front right next to the part. And then one clip in the back. Let’s go ahead and get this poppin! I like to start back to front. This wig and most wigs are meant to be in a middle part. I do not like myself with a middle part it’s just not my style. I like a side part, so we’re just going to maneuver her a little bit. Once you have the placement that you need, you’re going to tug the clip in underneath the wig cap on the side and… this is why I like to wear wig caps, some people don’t like to wear wig caps but, I need the clips to stay onto something. I got my handy dandy mirror here, and you are going to need your scissors. You can use your small scissors or your big scissors. If you have the hair cutting scissors, use the big ones, I just don’t have any right now. So, I am going to use the little ones. And, I like to cut right along the face, so we’re just going to cut tiny little layers, nothing crazy.”

*Demonstrates how to cut layers into unit*

“Why am I like this? I am all out of powder, so we are going to do exactly what I said I didn’t want to do, which is use concealer, on the top! It’s all good! We will make it work! Before we actually go in with the concealer though, it is time to slay our baby hairs. Normally, I like to use a little spoolie, kind of like an eyebrow spoolie. I just feel like it’s a lot more tiny and precise. A lot of people like gorilla snot, aka every middle school boy’s gel ever. But, I have the short sculpt gel today., it is seriously glue.”

*Demonstrates how to set baby hairs with gel and spoolie in unit*

“One bad thing about this gel is that it leaves little white flakes if you mess with it too much. Baby hairs are all set and done! Like I said, normally we would use powder but, we don’t have it, so I am going to back with the concealer and a very tiny brush. So, I am just going to go in right above where those baby hairs are and it’s just going to make it look like it is a thinner hair line. Which is good. And we are going to try to want to cover up those little black knots as well.”

*Demonstrates how to conceal parts on unit*

“And then, especially for a wavy wig like this, you can take some hair foam or some simple styling product to make it look like you styled it on your own. Just trying to make this look like, you know, something I styled at home. Something simple.”

“Alright you guys! So, this is feeling like a finished product right now! If you actually do realize that you plucked a little too much of your hairline, it happens to the best of us okay? If you do realize this happened to you, you can use an eyebrow brush like this with some dark shadow and just take it a little bit in. That way it brings everything closer together, so it doesn’t look too different.”

“Alright you guys, so that is it! We are done! I am feeling her so much you guys, like I really am loving her. Also, I wanted to say, definitely do NOT do what I did when it comes to plucking in the center. Normally, I like to leave baby hairs all around the front, not pluck any part that is just empty because then you just have lace exposed. But if you leave a couple of baby hairs right in the front, it will just swoop right over the lace and it is a game changer and lace will be a lot less visible, Obviously, lace is not going to be completely invisible, it is still going to exist.”

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