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“Hey you guys! Welcome back to my channel. Today I have a quick show and tell video for you, and it’s brought to you by BeautyKrew.com. I’ll link all their information down below, as well as a direct link to this wig that I’m going to be showing you guys.”

“This wig is by Outré and it is part of their Daily Wig line. The name of this wig is Samara, and I have it in the color DRCPNK, it’s like a Burgundy/Reddish unit. Hopefully this one isn’t too bold, I think it’s more of a softer color. You can shift this wig to the left side, right side, or the middle part. I don’t know, you guys know I’m team right side part, so I’m probably going to go with a right-side part, but I don’t know, let’s see!”

*Removes wig from packaging and demonstrates how to apply and set wig on head. *

“First off, let’s talk about these layers…love it! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Color? So pretty! It’s like a mix between a 99J and a 530 so, it’s kind of like an infused cherry and red color. I appreciate the fact that it is already dark rooted. Just in case you didn’t notice, this is a lace part wig, so it doesn’t come with any lace to cut, so you will experience a slight line of demarcation. As far as shedding and tangling, I only got one strand of hair shedding. But tangling, there is some minor tangling, but again, the texture and curls of this wig, you aren’t going to be needing to run your fingers through it. But, I will say, carry a powder brush. So, that’s kind of like a con, but it wouldn’t keep me from rocking this wig!”

“Let’s talk about the texture. It’s between... I’ll say it is more like a light Yaki texture because its definitely not silky, but it is not coarse either. I feel like the cap construction is made a little weird, so as you can see on the style card, this wig is made to be shifted from side to side. However, I feel that the cap construction was designed to be a middle part. So, when I shift the unit, it sat on my head kind of weirdly. So, I ended up having to bobby pin it down both sides to make it fit securely on my head. Second thing I wanted to mention about the cap construction is that it is not big head friendly. It’s not made for small heads or medium heads, but more for heads in between small and medium. So, definitely, if you have too much hair going on, cause I almost got too much hair going on. I have a small head, but my braids are getting longer and longer, and it almost wasn’t a good vibe for me. I only suggest this wig to my sisters out there with a regular or a small sized head, or if you don’t have a lot of hair under your wigs.”

“I really feel like this wig fits the style perfectly. It’s about 18-20 inches in length. Now you guys know I’m 5’2 and a half, your girl is a shorty. If you’re taller, it’s probably going to be more like 18 inches on you.” * Demonstrates the length of the unit with a 360-degree view. *

“Is this wig oh so approved? Absolutely! But do keep those comments that I mentioned before in mind because I don’t feel like this wig will suit everybody. I think it’s more of a special occasion kind of wig, which contradicts the name of the line that it is a part of The Daily Wig. I don’t feel like this is a daily wig for the simple fact that you’re going to need your powder brush. I don’t know if it’s just the color that I got, cause sometimes colored wig are less manageable. So, I can’t say for certain that you’re going to have the same experience with all the different colors of the wig, but with this particular color, which is fierce, it isn’t an everyday color anyway, keep a powder brush.”

“I’m definitely going to provide a link to this wig down below, so you can check it out! Shout out to BeautyKrew, they are a new online Beauty Supply website and go ahead and show them some love!”

“I got to show you this before I let you guys go. They did send me this Biotin oil, it’s called BioVita Essentials Biotin with Hair Food Therapy, and it promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles. They also sent me some hair regrowth treatment. Me and my daughter have been using this for the past week and I already see my edges filling in! I have a really dry scalp, and this Biotin REALLY knocks that Dandruff OUT!”

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