Pre-stretched Braiding Hair?

Pre-stretched braiding hair is a braider’s dream come true. Yes! It is that big of a deal! Stores and online retailers struggle to keep it in stock, and every hair brand is scrambling to make their own versions. So what’s the hype? What’s the tea?


So here it is. Drumroll please…. It’s a huge time saver! If you’ve never spent time braiding hair or even getting your hair braided then you wouldn’t know that it takes time in stretching and feathering the synthetic fibers into looking like it has a natural flow and ends. This is a strenuous, time killing and painful task. So now that it comes predone, braiders and stylists everywhere are jumping with joy! All for the same price as the other ones, that require all the work! Yuck!

So which brand is the best? This depends on the stylist and the user but we will discuss a few major brands and their pros and cons.

OG! ~ EZ Braid by Oh YES!

Oh Yes company is the original! They came out with the famous EZ braid made with Spetra fiber before everyone else, forcing all the other hair companies, such as Outre, Bobbi Boss, Milky Way, Janet Collection, Vivica Fox, Model Model and Senesational Hair to quickly produce versions of their own.


  • 3 different lengths available
  • Saves time and money
  • Allows for easy braiding
  • Pre- stretched and pre-feathered
  • No tangle and hot water set
  • Itch free, antibacterial
  • Patented Spetra fiber (no other companies are itch free, unless Spetra fiber was used)

Overall, the original EZ Braid by Oh Yes is still the king of the braiding world. Although many other brands here released their version, EZ Braid has held onto the #1 spot of pre-stretched, pre-feathered, itch free, antibacterial braiding hair.

Braid Babe by Outre
When Pre-feathered braids were such a high demand in the beauty and hair world, Outre hair
was quick to develop their version! Outre is one of the largest hair manufacturers in the world
and like all of their products, quality stands along with Braid Babe.

  •  Saves time and money
  •  Allows for easy braiding
  •  No tangle and hot water set
  •  Ultra light
  •  Pre-stretched and pre-feathered
  •  HD color technology
  •  More hair for better volume
  •  Flame retardant


  • Only one length available

Just Braid by Bobbi Boss
Another top recommended hair brand to look at when shopping for pre-stretched braids is Braid Babe Pros:

  • Saves time and money
  • Allows for easy braiding
  • No tangle and hot water set
  •  Super lightweight
  •  Pre-stretched and pre-feathered
  •  Unique colors
  •  Flame retardant


  •  Only one length available

Overall, the braiding trend using pre-feathered braiding hair is one that we are here for and one
that is here to stay. Saving time, money and saving our fingers from days of soreness, I’m here
for the E-Z movement.

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