Pros and Cons of Getting Braids

Pros and Cons of Getting Braids

Hair braids! Who wouldn’t love them!!

Braiding is an art and the history of braids go back to 3500 BC. Ever since the origin, braids evolved significantly and became a vital part of fashion and lifestyle. This beautiful method of keeping hair intact can make you feel nostalgic, bringing back the memories of your childhood when you and your bestie braided each other’s hair. The most interesting thing about this hairdo is that it is not restricted to only women, men can rock this look too.

If you are planning to get your hair braided, the below information with all the pros and cons is all you need to know.


  1. It is a great protective styling which shields your hair from dust, chemicals, excessive heat used during straightening, blow drying techniques.
  2. It is super quick with a motto of ‘Get up and Go’, no need to spend a ton of time to make your hair look perfect in the morning and also it stays perfect all throughout the day.
  3. Braiding is stylish and there are so many options from simple to complex patterns to give you the chic look. It gives you a chance to choose between several options to create your own, show off your creativity with some colorful braids.
  4. You don't have to use excessive sprays/gels to make your hair manageable, it has a very little maintenance for almost 6-8 weeks.
  5. Braiding helps in promoting hair growth as it provides structural support to hair and this technique also avoids split ends making your hair healthier.
  6. This hairdo will give a major break from frizzy hair problem, Bye Bye Bad Hair Days!
  7. Braiding is undoubtedly the most convenient and stylish way to forget about hair styling for months.
  8. They are incredibly versatile, letting you experiment with hairstyles or you can simply leave them loose.


  1. Installing braids takes time depending on the type of braid, keep a day aside for the process. Once done, they are super convenient to manage.
  2. It might take you couple of days to get used to them. To keep them in place, use a satin night cap when you sleep and forget worrying about slippage of braids or getting undone during the night.
  3. Bigger the braids, heavier they are to carry. Make sure you choose the length of braid as per your tolerance to avoid neck pain.
  4. Get a good hair stylist to install braids or they might get too tight. These tight braids may cause soreness on the scalp and hairline damage. So, if you feel that your stylist is doing the braids too tight, don't be shy to tell them to go easy on the hair. To avoid any hair damage, always prep your hair well before braiding: clean, apply conditioner, detangle (work from bottom to top) and stretch.
  5. If you leave the braids longer than 2 to 3 months, hair might get locked. Keep a track of time to ensure you get them redone before it is late.
  6. It can be itchy if you don't take good care of braids leading to dry scalp. Post hair care routine plays an important role, wash and hydrate on regular basis (1 to 2 weeks). If you have a dry scalp, moisturize more frequently.

Braids are gorgeous and will definitely pump up your look while protecting your hair. Create your own unique style and enjoy the benefits with very little maintenance.

Look and feel great all day with braids!

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