Secrets of the Hair Industry, What affects hair pricing?- Pack Hair

Secrets of the Hair Industry, What affects hair pricing?- Pack Hair

Beauty Krew offers a wide variety of human hair extenstions and bundles at many different price points.
But what is the difference in the hair that allows consumers to purchase at different price points.

The hair industry can be a tricky one, since it is not regulated and many companies try to extend their profit rather than look for the interest of the consumer. We are your KREW, so you know we got your back! with the TRUTH!!

Many Pack Hairs say many different things and many claim to be top of the line, but why would one cost $10 and another $20.

The reason is quality. But what factors affect that quality.

The quality and price of hair is affected by these factors listed below.

The process in which it is wefted. the better the weft the more the hair will cost.
The ratio of the short hair to long hair. Ever notice that in all hairs including your natural hair that grows from your scalp, the ends of the hair are much thinner than the top.
Although this is done to achieve a more natural look, it also becomes cost effective. Companies play with the ratios by putting less long hair leading to a thinner, but cheaper pack..

The oldest trick in the book!

100% Human Hair Quality. If you see this statement on the pack hair you are about to purchase, be aware that  you are purchasing blend hair that can be compared to 100% human hair.
Many companies use this trick to make consumers think they are getting a great deal on human hair, but in actually, they are just  purchasing high grade blend human hair weaving..

We hope this information will help you in the hair world while shopping around here on Beauty Krew or any other beauty supply store.

Your Krew will always have your back, Shop beautykrew
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