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      Krew Talk — braided hair

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      How to: Crochet Braids For Beginners!

      How To: CROCHET BRAIDS For Beginners! (Step By Step) |Breanna Rutter



      “Hey Everybody! Today I am going to teach you how to achieve this natural, gorgeous, BEAUTIFUL look by doing the Crochet hairstyle! So, this of course is the original crochet style besides doing braid crochet. But I am going to show you how to actually do this look on your own hair.”

      “You only need a few supplies to do this look and some of these supplies are optional. SO, make sure that you have your hair ready so that you can be looping it onto your braids. And I used three packs of pre-crochet hair. Now, to begin, this is the braid pattern you want to do to achieve this exact look. You want those two braids to cross and go all the way down to the back. Then, you want to be braiding away from those two braids, making sure to add the tail in until the very next braid. So that, you can create a braid pattern that looks like this. So, every time you braid, make sure to grab the tail end of the previous braid and put it into that braid. So, the tail in braid one goes into braid two, and the tail in braid two goes into braid three. And, you keep doing the same thing until you reach the back to have a one tail end braid.”

      “What you want to do is bring your tail end of the braid up because that’s when you are going to begin stitching it down to your braid pattern! So, cut off a little bit of weaving thread and then you are going to take a curved or straight needle, which ever you prefer. You are going to put the thread through the eye of the needle, bring those two pieces together and simply form a knot. It is so easy to thread needles, but a lot of you actually ask me in the comment section how to do it. So, I am showing you a demonstration of how simple and easy this is. So, you need one needle to stitch down that one braid you have in the back. So, you just off that little bit of thread at the top, make sure to tighten your knot, and there you go! That’s simply how you thread a needle!”

      “So, now we are going to start by stitching that braid, and I am going to start where I just pointed. You want to start by putting your needle through your braid, under your braid on your scalp. Then begin doing the stitching technique to actually stich down your braid. The stitching technique that I like to do is, I like to grab the thread, wrap it twice around the needle, and then pull the needle through. Or, you can wrap it twice around your fingers, insert the needle and pull the needle through. The only thing you need to do is, like I stated, make sure you wrap it around twice. Whether you do it around your fingers or the needle. It is simply extremely easy to stitch it down. This is the same stitching technique I do when I am actually doing a sew in. So now once you secure that last knot, you just cut off that remaining thread.”

      Here comes Weaving Thread. It is used to stitch down your Braids

      “At this point, this is optional, but what I am doing is I am greasing my scalp. Or, you may refer to this as oiling your scalp. So, I am using a hair growth oil to actually put on my part before I begin crocheting. Now this is the pre-looped crochet hair that I purchased. So, what I am going to do is show you how to prep it. So, what I do is I grab one of the coils and unravel it all the way out. And then, once I do that, I gently separate it into two parts. So, as you can see here, this is one of the pieces that I took from it, and I only divided it into two. Now if you divide it any further, it will make your look look frizzy and afro-type, it’s up to you on the look you want to achieve. I already stitched in one row and I am going to show you an example of how you want to actually space each piece. So, you can see here it’s about a finger space between each piece in the back. When you are crocheting your hair in the back, it is very important that you space it, because it tends to very full very quickly. You want to make sure you are closer near the top with the pieces you add than further in the back. And I am going to show you how to do that. To crochet your hair on, you want to grab a piece of hair, and you want to hold it very tight at the point that you are going to crochet it. So, you have no loose hairs that stick out and get tangled. And this is how tight you want to form it around your finger. Now what we are going to do is we are going to go two finger spaces at a time at the very back of our head. This is extremely important if you don’t want your look to be too thick but full enough. So now, we are going to insert the crochet latch and then we are going to hook the hair onto it, and then we are going to close the latch, and then pull it through the braid.”

      “Every time you insert your latch, make sure it is open. When you pull it back through the braid, make sure its closed. And you just, loop the tail end section once, pull the loop at the top, and that’s how you actually want to tighten your hair in the back. Once we get to the top, it’s going to be a little bit different. But this is how you are going to do it for the most part. So, now for the second section, we are doing the same thing. Make sure that you are about two finger spaces away from your previous section. You can go underneath both of these braids that you stitched, loop your hair on, and then close the latch. And then, when you pull it through, all you do is insert your fingers inside the loop to grab the two tail end pieces. And then, you just pull it and tighten it by pulling the two sections and make sure it is tight on your braids.”

      “As you can see, we are already getting pretty full. But, you want to continue to space and the look will come out just fine. So, as you can see here, you want to make sure you go about that distance as you are in the back until you get to the top. So, this is how your hair should look so far. “

      “So, now at this point, I already crocheted most of my hair, and I am just lifting it up to show you guys how it looks on the sides, as well as the back. Because this look is short, I am going to be wearing it down. But, if you had a longer look with this technique, you could wear a ponytail if you so desire.”

      “So now that we are at the top, you still want to coil the hair tighter. So that way you can loop it on, so that the sections at the top will be a little bit smaller, and it would be about a finger space width away from one another. So, you loop the hair on as I previously showed you and as I go back through the braid, you close the latch. Insert your fingers through and grab the two tail ends and pull them together. Now you continue to tighten your knot exactly like this for most of the part. But as soon as you get to the top, we are going to do a slightly different technique. So now I am going to show you one more time since we are at the very top of this braid. We are going to do the same technique, but you want to get closest to the top as possible for a very seamless look. So, you just insert your hair through and then you insert your fingers through to grab the two tail end pieces to actually tighten it on your knot. Make sure that when you are at the top, the spacing with is a finger width apart. But as you can see, it looks extremely close together because the hair is so voluminous. Because it has so much volume, it looks like I literally stitched it side by side, but in reality, I did about a finger width apart. So, now at the very back, you are going to do the same thing, because you are at the top of your head. It gives the illusion that your hair is not extremely thick at the top but is full enough to look very natural. The problem with a lot of crochet styles that look unnatural is that the chunks of hair are too big and also that the chunks of hair are stitched too close together. As you near the top, make sure that each of the pieces of hair that you are adding is actually smaller in comparison to the pieces of hair that you added in the back.”

      “So now we two braids left in our part and this my friends, is the most important part of the style because it ties in the look together perfectly. When you loop your hair through, you want to make sure you only grab one tail end of your lock and pull it through. You create a knot while leaving the other piece outside of the knot. This is exactly how you want to stitch your hair at your part because this is how you do the invisible roots technique. So, I’m going to continue to teach you EXACTLY how to achieve this look because it is extremely easy.”

      “Now, when you loop your hairs through, make sure to do a slight turn, so it helps to enhance the tightness of the knot in your part. You don’t have to do that throughout the rest of your style, but you definitely want to do it right here at the top. Now that most of it is done, we have a little section left. I am going to demonstrate how you want to do it on the other side. Now, this may be a little bit tricky depending on which hand is dominant for you. For me, it is my right hand, so when I loop it on the left side of my head, it’s just a little tricky. So, what I do is I just do the same exact thing, but I just go a little slower to make sure you don’t cause any tangling. Because, you always want to make sure that you are always going underneath the braid in the part. So, always come in going towards the part of your head, not away from the part. That way, it helps your hair to lay perfectly for the style.”

      “So now, on this last section here, make sure to go as closely to your hairline as possible, because this makes it look extremely seamless. Because, if you don’t do this part, you will see some of your hair and it will not look blended. So, it very important that you get very close to your hairline, all the way near the top of your part, so that way you can continue the invisible root technique to tie in your look!”

      “So, as you can see, this is how it looks when I finish doing the invisible look near the part, as I’ve added all the hair onto my style. I’ve used about two and a half bundles of the pre-crochet hair for this look. So, you’re going to need hair thinning shears or scissors to actually thin out the hair. But, I love the thickness of this look because it looks so beautiful and natural. So, I am just trimming up any frizzy or loose ends that don’t tie in as well. And I am also slightly shaping it as I cut. So, I’m not cutting off any length, I am just cleaning up the shape that it naturally has.

      After trimming it up, I like to go ahead and fluff out the hair a little bit, so that it looks more tied in together. And I am just checking the other side too, to make sure that it is just right for my look!”

      “Thank you so much for watching my Crochet Braids hairstyle! So, ladies, I want you to rock this look and wear all types of colors and curl patterns to see what you like best!”

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