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      Krew Talk — crochet braids

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      Best go to Protective Styles to Rock this Summer

      Best Go To Protective Styles To Rock This Summer

      Summer is the hottest season of the year and also the perfect time to do many things you love. It offers a chance to enjoy the longest days, compared to other seasons. However, summer brings the warm weather alerting the haircare needs. The heat and humidity can cause severe damage to hair, making it look lifeless.

      Protective hairstyles to the rescue!

      Protective hairstyles can help a lot to deal with hair trouble during the summer, shielding your natural hair from excessive heat and breakage. Protective hairstyles usually include braids, locs, twists and knots. They are highly versatile and manageable with minimum maintenance.

      Protective styles will save you lot of time that goes into hair care/styling and not to forget how efficiently you can avoid the bad hair days. Currently, there are many types of protective styles to match everyone’s preference. There is so much you can do to style them in your own unique way by adding beads, patterns, rings, and colors.

      To make the summer exciting, add a bit of style to the haircare basics for hassle free summer days. We have listed the cutest possible styles to let you experiment with your hair.


      1. Box Braids: These are the easiest, most popular, and always in style. Box braids are created using three strands technique, they look super classy and chic. You can either go for a simple look or the jumbo version of box braids to make them look outstanding.

      Check out few Box braids wigs 

      Outre Xpression Box Braid Medium Natural Tip 45 Strands

      2. Colored Braids: If you are someone who loves to experiment with hair, then colored braids are worth a try. There are various beautiful shades available to pump your look. Colored braids instantly add a twist to a simple braiding technique, create your own Rockstar style with adorable range of colors.

      Check out Braided hair

      3. Crochet Braids: These are also called as latch hook braids. The process includes crocheting hair extensions to natural hair with the help of a crochet needle or hook. Crochet braids are usually made from synthetic hair extensions to withstand the process of crocheting.

      Check out Crochet Braids wigs 

      4. Faux Locs: They resemble natural locs or dreadlocks. They are great if you are looking for a fun and natural style. They can be worn by anyone and are becoming very popular day by day. They completely cover your natural hair and provide protection. Faux locs made from human hair are known as goddess locs.

      Check out few faux locs like Bobbi Boss Bomba faux locs soul

      Bobbi Boss African Roots Bomba Faux Locs Soul

      1. Twists: They are typically created by separating the hair into sections and then twisting the hair to create strands. Twists are light in weight, very easy to install, and remove. They blend well with any kind of hair texture to give a clean look. If you want a simple and cute protective hairstyle then twists are just perfect to try!

      Check out Outre Xpression twisted up springy afro twist 18

      1. Senegalese Twists: They are also known as rope twists, created using two strands technique. Senegalese twists look like a smooth and silky rope. They originated in a country called Senegal, West Africa. They are flexible and look undeniably stunning in any length you prefer to choose and last around 1 to 2 months with a good maintenance.

      Check out Outre synthetic hair crochet Braids Xpression braid senegalese twist large 

      1. Loose Ends: It is a simple way of combining two different styles to create a bouncy look. Loose ends look more freestyle than any other protective hairstyle. These are for someone who loves to keep their look cute and natural.
      Outre Xpression wavy Bahama locs 30 strands 1

      1. Wigs: In ancient times, wigs were worn to protect the scalp from excess heat. This is a must have accessory when it comes to protective hairstyling. Wigs are made of real or artificial hair. They not only protect your hair but also cover hair flaws. There are so many options available to choose a wig. Always go for a wig which suits your requirement and makes you look effortlessly stylish.

      Check out Wigs 

      Hair damage is terrifying and sometimes irreversible. This summer, make hair care a priority and look outstandingly gorgeous in your own protective hairstyle.