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      What are the Different Types of Closures and Frontals?

      What Are the Different Types of Closures and Frontals

      Wigs come in different styles and varieties. However, not everyone prefers a wig that covers an entire head. There are different types of hair attachments available to help with specific hairstyling needs.

      Closures and Frontals are a great way to quickly fix your style. They are a form of protective hairstyling and require a little extra attention to blend with your natural hair but these handy add-ons deliver wonders in elevating your style.

      The options available for closures and frontals are given below

      Different Types of Closures

      Closure is a simple hair attachment used to cover a specific section on the head (not the entire scalp). They perfectly cover bald patches and thin hair spots with less maintenance. Closures are typically 4 x 4 inches in size but they also come in marginally smaller or larger sizes. 

      They are cheaper than frontals and will help you save a lot of money and time (they last longer) if you have a very specific need (ex: bangs, restricted partition, hair coloring, etc.). While installing a closure, make sure that it is flat and no bumps are formed to avoid messy looking hair.

                        Silk Closures: The hair is stitched on a silk base. They are slightly thicker than lace closures giving a bulky appearance. Silk is a natural fiber that provides a stronger base for more durability. These closures look more natural as the hair knots are invisible but you might need to tint the silk base to match your complexion.

                           Lace Closures: They are soft, less expensive, and delicate than silk closures. Lace closures are easier to handle and the installation takes less time. These are the most commonly used closures and the knots of hair can be bleached to make it look more natural.

      Different Types of Frontals

      Frontals provide coverage throughout the hairline. They are a little high maintenance but their popularity increased recently as they are more versatile than closures and look flawless. Frontals let you make as many partitions as you like to create an illusion of natural hairline. For more natural looking hair, you can bleach the hair knots and slightly tease the hair in the front. Before you purchase a frontal, measure your head properly to ensure a perfect fit.

      1. Lace Frontals: They have a sheer lace cap to which the hair is sewn. Lace frontals are bigger than lace closures as the lace runs along the front side of the head to cover the length from one ear to another. They are perfect to cover thin hairline providing a seamless look.

      1. 360 Frontals: It looks like a hairband with hair and is used to cover the circumference of the head. They need to be installed by an expert to achieve the perfect coverage. This kind of frontal offers a bit more flexibility in styling as they mimic your hairline on the front and back of the head. Hence, you can try all the cute updo hairstyles without any hassle.

      Check out few frontals 

      The selection of a closure or a frontal should be as per your requirement and the style you prefer.