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      Krew Talk — individual crochet faux locs

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      “Welcome back to my channel! This is Chaotic Allure here and it's been a while since I showed you guys how I crochet faux locs. And, you know, tis the season, the faux locs cause it's getting a little cold and it's fall! In this video, I'm going to be showing you guys how I do my faux locs and how I extend them to be 36 inches long. So, they look like this and they look very natural and they're in individual parts. So, really quickly, the hair I'm using is the Bomba Dreadlocks Faux Locs Soul. Make sure it's the one that says soul because the one that does not say soul is extremely skinny. They look like this as you can see. But, on my head, they look a little bigger because I unraveled them, which you guys will see in the video.”

       “Each pack has 15 faux locs in it. And, I ended up ordering four packs, but used three and some change. The only reason why I used some of the fourth pack is because I was doing a lot of trial and error. This is in the color 1B. So, if you guys want to know how I achieved these faux locs and how I made them 36 inches long, let me know. I'm going to stand up and show you guys really quick where it stops at. Some of them are shorter than others and I felt like I didn't want all of them to look the same because I want it to look as natural as possible. So, if you guys want to know how I create this you know look keep on watching!”

        “I'm going to leave all the materials in the description box. Let's get into the video. Okay so, what I did is, I started with the freshly washed hair and this is pretty much it. I put in some leave in oil on my scalp and that's about it. So, my hair is clean and braided and I have 30 braids and I just have them kind of like crazy because I couldn't really see but this is it. I'm using the Jazz Nicole method, and this is how I do my faux locs and how I extend them to make them longer. I'm taking my crochet needle and I'm just putting it through the middle of the braid like this. I'm taking this crochet here at the top and I'm opening it a little bit and I'm placing it into the hole and I'm closing it. I pull it through

      like this and then I'm taking two fingers, I'm taking my hair and the faux loc and I'm pulling it through hole like so.”

        “After I do this, I'm pulling in on to the faux loc. This step is very, very, very, very important! You have to check on the direction where the dread, the faux loc, I mean unravel, so that you could go with your hair like this. For me, it goes like this to open it so I'm taking it and I'm just going to wrap it around my natural hair like this while I'm unraveling it. The Jazz Nicole method never fails! I absolutely love this method.”

        “And, this is all I'm doing until my hair is completely covered. The back for this I kind of pulled it down a little bit like this. So, this is what's really this is the hair now. So, let's compare the hair from before and after. Before it was like this right, it looked neat. And now comparing the two, it looks a little bigger and looks more like a realistic faux loc. So, I'm taking a lock and I'm going through the middle and I'm just going to unravel it.”

        “Okay so, now we have one long dread and I like it pull it down like this, making sure I find the middle. I'm taking this at the bottom and I'm separating it. I'm placing this right in the middle, so it would be like this. You guys see, it's in the middle of it. I'm going to tie it twice, like this. And, now I have this. So, I'm still looking at the way that this unravels. I'm starting up and I'm just wrapping it. I'm wrapping it up and like this I'm just wrapping it around. I'm just wrapping it down. Pretty much all I'm doing is wrapping it over. And as you can see, there is no lump or anything. It just looks like a long dread. So, this is it. This is pretty much all I'm doing, and it starts looking like this.”

        “See it's just run one long dead. I'm just going to finish doing this all the way down and I'm going to show you guys how the bottom looks like after I'm done. So, when you get to the bottom, it starts to curl up. Pretty much all I do is just wrap it like this around and this is it. It's giving you this because it unravels and this is the loc, Yes you see, this is pretty much a loc. It looks super natural and it’s a long loc. It goes right past my butt, like under it. Some of them are longer than others. I'm going to show you guys one more time. I'm putting it through like this I put it through the little hole and I pull it through and I make sure I just hold it with my two fingers like this. I'm taking my hair and my faux loc and pulling it through like so. I'm holding the faux loc and I pull it really tightly and then I pull on my hair too. So, we have the hair and a faux loc.”

       “Again, most important part is, you have to figure out which way that the faux loc unravels. So, for me it would be in this direction. I'm going through and I'm wrapping it around the hair like this. I'm going to keep wrapping around until I cover my entire hair like my natural hair. So, this is the faux loc. I was about to show you guys, it goes like right next to my boob right here. If you didn't want to extend it then you would be done, and this is it. But, to extend it, remember I take a faux loc and I go through the middle and I open it. I would literally go in the middle like this and just pull it apart and it would look like this is. The same length and everything. It's just it would look like this instead. And, what I'm doing is I go to the bottom and I find where it splits in half, over here like this. And I'm placing this again and here. So, it would look like this. And, I'm tying it twice, just so that it would be really secure.”

       “Okay, so this is what we have again, I'm holding this and now I'm going upwards, finding the way it unravels again is a key. It goes in this direction, so I'm just going to go over it like this. and I'm just going to wrap it. and I know I keep repeating myself but, I just want to make sure that you guys understand exactly what I'm saying. What I mean by wrapping it around is this is it. And I'm just wrapping it down and I'm pulling a little bit as I go down and I'm just going to continue wrapping it until I reached the end. Pretty much, generally like this. See? it looks natural, there are no bumps you can't tell where I put it.”

       “So, it's just an extra, extra long dread. This is pretty much how I do my faux locs using the jazz Nicole method. Let me show you guys how to untie it and I can show you guys exactly what it looks like. You can flip it on this side you can do any kind of hairstyle you want with it. Parting it is no problem. It looks really natural, as you guys could see. I'm not sure you guys can tell where it starts and where it finishes. So yeah, these are my crochet locks and how I extended them to become longer!”`