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      Krew Talk — slick ponytai

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      Slick Ponytail with Weave By TrendSisters


      “Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel, this is Sydney. I just want to give a special shout out to BeautyKrew for sending me some products to try out for you guys!”

      “BeautyKrew is an online beauty supply store and I received these bundles and some hair growth oil to try out for you guys. And as always, the links to everything will be in the description box below. So, special thanks and shout out to them and let’s get started!”

      “So, as you guys can see, I’m starting off with blow dried hair and then I straightened it, just to give the ponytail a really sleek look. I just think it looks so much better than to try to slick your hair down naturally, especially when you’re working with a bundle straighter than your hair.”

      “BeautyKrew sent me two oils to try out. They are by BioVita and they are Hair Food and Hair Growth drops. They include Biotin and are also clinically proven to stimulate hair growth.

      So that is scientifically proven, they have been through clinical tries and results have been seen.

      These BioVita drops were also really easy to work with because they were not greasy. The oil is really light, and it gives a nice cooling sensation. Since they are clinically proven and since I enjoyed working with them, I am definitely going to incorporate them into my daily hair routine. For thinning edges, bald spots and receding hairlines, whatever type of hair loss you may have, I suggest you go over to BeautyKrew and pick up these drops and definitely give these a try!”

      “After massaging the oil to my scalp, I start by splitting my hair into two sections. Then I start brushing the back section and using hairspray to get it into a nice slick low ponytail. Next, I’m pulling down my sideburns, just because I really like that look. I’m doing that before I apply any freeze spray or edge control to that area.”

      *Demonstrates how to set edges and slick down hair using edge control. *

      “So right here, I’m curving my part just a little, to make it look like a C part and not a straight line. So, I did use a little of the edge control all over my hair and then I went back with the hair spray for that long-lasting hold. I’m just continuing to brush and slick everything down, just because once you start adding the hair to the ponytail, you really can’t fix it. You want to make sure everything is perfect before you move onto the next step. Make sure you do everything you got to do to make everything look good!”

      *Continues to slick hair and grab loose ends and tie hair into a ponytail. *

      “So, these bundles are from BeautyKrew, they are an 18 and a 20 inch, with a really nice wave pattern. They are very soft and don’t tangle up. So, I’m starting off with the 20-inch bundle. I doubled it and folded it over and inserted the needle and thread at the fold. Then, I’m placing the needle into my braid and securing it with another stitch into my braid. So, just secure to the end of the braid, then after that, I’m just wrapping the bundle around my braid and the thread. I’m not continuously stitching up, I just have the thread almost flush with my braid.”

      “So, as you can see here, I’m wrapping the hair up the braid, and the thread is staying inside the wrapped hair. So, right when I get to the top, the thread is already there. So, once I get to the top, or I’m done with the 20-inch bundle, I’m inserting the needle through then ends of the two wefts.”

      “Then I grab about a third of the 18-inch bundle just to add a little volume, because once you start wrapping hair around the base of a ponytail, the hair can look a little thin. So, I inserted the needle through the 18 inch, this one was not doubled, and then I slide the hair up to the base of the ponytail. Then I’m just continuing to wrap the hair around the ponytail until I get to the end. Once I get to the end, I insert the thread through the weft again and tie a knot. That’s it!”

      “So, this is my favorite part, just freeze spraying the hair, and wrapping a strand around the ponytail. It’s just simple and easy and it gives this look the edge that it needs. So, then after that, I spray my hair with the Pump It Up spray for extra security.”

      “Make sure to check out BeautyKrew’s website and Instagram for all your hair and beauty needs! Thank you to them!”