“Hey y’all! It's Kiki and I'm back with another video. And I'm going to be showing you how I get these beautiful gorgeous faux locs. I used Bobbi Boss Nu Locs in the 16 inches…I believe that was a 16 inch. And I used about five and a half packs. I saved the rest in case I needed those later. And I also added in these little gems is to give it an accent. All in all, this stuff probably took, not including the washing and deep condition, maybe about a good three hours because I was taking my time. It took no time to crochet it, in but with my freedom pattern I was kind of stuck on how to do that. I'll show you in the video here how I did this is braiding pattern. I did them straight back, no individuals only because, I've seen people unravel these kinds, but they don't really unravel to me and I don't want to be struggling and doing a leave out at the front and then it turns out to be bad. So yeah, and I do like the results. Pretty good if I do say so myself. But yeah, I'll be more than happy to show you how I got this style here. I say I used about five and a half packs and a crochet hook, that's all you need. And the thing I like about these are that they look so natural. Look at that. They're the realest thing I've ever seen in my life. Now, we have to start showing you how I got this style. Any comments or questions leave them down below. Stay tuned and I appreciate you guys for watching!”

“Okay so, I'm starting off with twelve braids doing here in the front... and those all connect into seven larger braids in the back. and I did go ahead and moisturize my scalp with my oil of choice. And here, you're just going to need a crochet hook. And I'm using the bobby boss nu locs and the 14 inches and the color 1b as well. and I used about five and a half packs of this and they were about $6.99 a pack. And this is just how they look outside. A nice texture and then just showing you the loop. Then, we're going to go in with our latch hook put that through the braid loop. the dread on the loop pull it through and then pull that tail in through that loop. And then, go ahead and pull that to secure it. I also have about three other crochet videos on my channel and they're pretty much all the same steps just pulling that hook through the braid flip the hair on the loop and pull it through secure. and I'll show you this a couple more times in case you're not familiar with that.”

“I'm glad that I did my braids larger in the back because if I did them any smaller, I would have had to get more packs of hair. And someone with me on a budget, that's something that I cannot do right now. But it's up to you. If you want to do smaller braids, you can it'll definitely be fuller, but I believe that this braid and pattern that I did the dreads were fool enough for me. any thicker I feel like I would have been looking like a lion. and that was my last loc. and here's just a view of how that looks all done. it's got a nice bounce to it. a nice natural sheen is well. it doesn't look very synthetic like other faux locs I've worn. but I do really like this it looks really, really natural and I'll just be showing you a preview of the back as well. So, you can see how that did look with the larger braids. It didn't look bad at all. and here I just added some gold accessories to my hair, just to add a little bit of personality. and they come to about the top of my breasts and that's a preview of where they come in the back. so not too long not too short. I really do like this style. hmm I can't wait till it gets a lot older as well and then it'll look even more natural. So, I'm excited about that. but yeah let me know you guys think. I really enjoyed doing this for you guys and I will see you soon.”

“So, that is how you crochet for locs using the bobby boss new locks. and I've been wanting to try this out for a long time I've been seeing a lot of people use these locks on YouTube and I'm not the type of person who's ordered hair online before, so I was kind of skeptical with that. So, I just told myself, oh I'll wait till I see it in a beauty supply store and I'll just pick it up there. Because with me I like to feel I like to feel everything. I like to see what it looks like before I actually buy it because everybody knows you can't return hair here. I finally found this at my local beauty supply store and I went in and picked em mugs up because I've been waiting to try this out. And I say though the wait was well, it was worth the wait because, please say you guys for watching if there's any questions comments or concerns like I say leave them down below and I'll be sure to get back to you in those. and that's all for today. y'all stay tuned I'm probably gonna do some hairstyles with this crochet here and then I'll also be showing you how I take them down. they've only been in for a week now I plan on keeping them for another week or two maybe a month because I am being lazy and it's getting cold and I don't want to do my hair. So, it's a great protective style for the colder months. and that's what I enjoy about crochet braids. I love crochet week um. well yeah so, I do appreciate you guys and I'll see you in the next one. Bye!”

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