Tips for choosing a new hair salon

Tips for choosing a new hair salon

Feel like changing your hairstylist or choosing a New Salon? Are you choosing a hairstylist for the 1st time and confused? 

Without doubt, this is one of the most important decisions you have to make, and even though it might not seem it, it can be quite challenging. Venturing out to find a new stylist doesn’t have to be as heavy as it once was.

There are many factors to consider and we’ve pulled together our top tips on what to look for when choosing a new hair Salon or stylist.

The first Important quality to look in your hairstylist is that he/she is not a product pusher. How is it like when you go for a haircut but end up spending on too many products you don’t even use? Bad right. Your hairstylist must recommend only the products which are actually necessary for your hair and not just for their sales.

Secondly, Any good stylist cares about your hair  and the strength, look and health of your hair and scalp. if he/she asks questions about your last trim, perm, relaxer, and touch-ups; your stylist does care. He/she will even guide you with safety measures and precautions while dealing with new hair color or style.

Thirdly, It is mostly important that your stylist is loyal to you. He/she will consider you as their customer and provide all necessary services and not just treat you for money.

Fourth, Being HONEST is most important. When picking a stylist, you want to be sure that your stylist is truthful about the needs of your hair, and the reasoning for suggesting add-ons at your appointment. You’ll want a straightforward stylist who will tell you the strengths and weakness of your hair. Some stylists will bleach, perm or flat iron your hair with no regards to what will happen to the integrity of your strands.

Lastly, checking if the prices are affordable, if you can actually visit It i.e not too far, if he/she is running late, overbooked or is not confident in his/her abilities to complete the look you desire.

These tips will surely help you find a suitable hairstylist and improve your hair quality.

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Dennis Sanchez - September 7, 2019

I’m glad you mentioned that it is important to choose a hairstylist that won’t push you to buy products and will only suggest products that you need. My wife has been looking for a new hair salon to go to and has been having a hard time finding one. This information you shared will be very helpful to her as she continues her search.

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