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Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair : What type of wig is the best?

Posted on December 27 2018

  The misconception nowadays is the idea that only full lace units are worth anything. The truth is, not many people know the difference and are just blowing money, or are there to talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

 Outre MyTresses Platinum 100% Human Hair 360 Lace Wig 


  When it comes to selecting a wig, there are so many things to consider: style, color, brands* and wig types, making choosing a wig overwhelming. So, we will take some time at the starting point. Should I buy a human hair wig or a synthetic wig? Deciding whether or not you will be looking at a human hair wig or a synthetic wig is the most important decision.

So what is the difference between a synthetic hair and human hair?

  Natural 100% human hair is harvested from a donor or multiple donors and constructed into wigs. Synthetic wigs are made from man-made fibers using specialized technology to give the overall appearance, feel and style of real human hair.

Which one is better?

  That is the huge misconception. Many shoppers automatically assume that human hair is a better option and of higher quality. Thus, they rule out wearing or even considering synthetic wigs. There are many factors in differentiating which is actually better and these factors are interchangeable to make both options better or worse.

What factors make a wig better?

  • Quality of the grade of human hair used or the quality of synthetic fiber used.
  • Although the fiber used to construct a wig can be of greatest quality, other important factors should also be accounted for, such as the construction of the wig cap, the fit and the cost.

What are the pros and cons of purchasing a human hair wig (assuming you have a good quality human wig)?


  1. Styling versatility: many human hair wigs allow you to style as if it was your own natural hair, taking color, perm and bleach (make sure you visit a professional stylist for this and your human hair wig is pre-processed to be the color black).
  2. Texture: human hair wigs come in a wide variety of hair textures and can be matched to give a very natural look.
  3. Long lasting: With proper wig care and maintenance, the wigs can last a very long time.
  4. Natural look: a good quality human hair wig can give a very natural look.
  5. Customization: Many human hair wigs can be customized to an extreme level, giving a more natural and realistic appearance and comfort with wear.


  1. Cost: generally speaking, the cost of human hair wigs is usually greater than that of synthetic wigs (here are some competitively priced human wigs to look at: [link]).
  2. Higher Maintenance just like real hair, human hair wigs need to be washed, deep conditioned and restyled frequently.
  3. Color & Style Variation: due to being natural, it is sometimes harder to achieve a specific color or look.  
  4. Different Qualities:  Many human hair wigs do not come from a single donor, so the hair can have different qualities within the same wig.
  5. Reacts to Weather: just like your real hair reacts to the weather, so will your real hair wig .


 Bobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Wig MLF306 Chyna 

What are the pros and cons of purchasing a synthetic wig?


  1. Style Retention: synthetic wigs are generally easier to take care of because they have style memory. The fiber was created to look a certain way, so with a little maintenance it stays fresh. This also helps with weather change.
  2. Large Color and Style Selection: synthetic fibers are easier to create unique colors and styles, that cannot be achieved with human hair wigs. When it comes to synthetic wig styles and colors, let your imagination run wild: from unicorn inspired hair to a bold red bob. There really is no limit.
  3. Cost: synthetic wigs are generally more cost effective, allowing you to extend your budget into becoming a collector. You can have a wig for each outfit, day or even hour, go crazy!
  4. Natural Looking: High quality synthetic wigs were constructed to give a more natural look. With some of the styles out now, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the two. Go ahead and try, I dare you.
  5. Low Maintenance Wig Care: refer to style retention in pro #2. This also allows for lower maintenance.


  1. Longevity: synthetic wigs do not last as long as high quality human hair wigs.
  2. Heat & Styling: unless specifically stated, synthetic wigs do not take heat. Although many or most wigs are now evolving and are made with fibers to take heat. As far as synthetic goes, these wigs cannot be color treated, dyed, bleached, etc.

Another breed, another option?

Bobbi Boss Human Hair Blend Lacefront Wig MBLF80 Mina

Are there any other options?

   Yes, many brands are creating more and more high quality human hair blend wigs. They combine human hair and high quality synthetic fibers that makes for a superior quality wig at a median cost. These hybrid wigs look extremely natural, long lasting and allow for a more cost effective approach for consumers who are uncomfortable (for reasons that I wouldn’t understand) with synthetic wigs.

What are other factors to think about?

  • Budget: the cost of wigs can range dramatically, starting as low as ten dollars and ranging up to a few hundred dollars. Having a general idea can definitely help decide which type, style and fiber to choose

New look, Who Dis?

        Overall, the use of wigs for cosmetic purposes is an amazing experience. Changing your wig regardless of which fiber it is made of can allow you to change your look on a daily basis if you choose. Many customers purchase a wig to decide if they would like to change their own natural hair to a certain color or follow trends or change the look with seasons, even occasions. I personally love wigs and own quite a few both human and synthetic and the increasingly popular hybrid blend.

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