Outre Timeless Pineapple Ponytail - Softie

by Outre
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Outre Timeless Pineapple Ponytail SOFTIE

Outre Timeless Pineapple Ponytail SOFTIE Pick your curl pattern and get an instant curly up do with Timeless Ponytail’s Pineapple Drawstring with different types of hairstyles braids. Looks gorgeous in high ponytail for black hair . These curly puffs feature gorgeous curls that fall down your forehead for an effortlessly tousled look. Innovatively designed with a clip to attach to the front of your hairline, and a drawstring to attach to your hair, Timeless Ponytail’s Pineapple Drawstring was made for the stylish woman on-the-go. Just attach, fluff, and go!

Different types of Ponytails available here like Braided ponytail hairstyle


TYPE:Pineapple Ponytail


Brush the hair through the tips to the roots to prevent matting and tangling.

2) For curly styles, spritz the hair with water and scrunch the curls to bring them back to life

3) For straight styles, use  heat protection when styling with heat tools. (heat friendly up to 400 degrees)

4) Use less products, the fewer the products, the less build up!

5) When washing your wig, use luke-warm water and a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

6) Do Not rub the hair dry with a towel! Simply pat the excess water from the hair, and let air dry.

7) Place the wig on a mannequin head at night to keep the style and wig cap intact.

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