EZ BRAID Spetra Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Hot Water Setting Itch Free 100% Premium Fiber Braiding Hair 20"

by Spectra
Original Price $2.99
Current Price $1.99

Ez Braid spectra Pre-stretched Braiding Hair Hot Water Setting Itch free 100% Premium fiber 

Ez Braid made with Spetra fiber is the original pre-stretched, pre-feathered, antibacterial braiding hair.This is the stylist choice! What makes it so special?

It is the Original braiding hair made with Spetra fiber and being pre-stretched and pre-feathered its a huge time saver!

Different types of Ezbraid hair colors are available


-Patented Antibacterial and Anti-fungal fiber

-Itch Free Fiber

-Easy lock for braiding

-Tangle Free

-Soft & Wearable


-Use to Hot Water Set

-Pre-stretched for natural looking ends

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