Kiss: Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color 5oz

by Kiss
Kiss Tintation is semi persistent hair dye therapy for the one those wants to be brave with their hair, unless compromising hair condition, over 48 mixed, clear colors to select with. The color go to the extr a mile
Tintation is prepared from natural Components to make sure such that hair is not only vivid but also well and health full
Inorder to optimize treatment advantages, our primary ingredient is Alovera water instead of pure water. Aloevera liquid contains Protease and amino acids that fixes dead cells on head and sustains an ideal PH balance. Aloe Vera liquid has moreover same chemical substance to keratin, The main proteins identified in hair
Secure for casual or natural hair
• Argan Oil
• Olive Oil
• Collagen
• Keratin
An initial skin test must be done before every time we use. Applying little quantity product interior