Outre Synthetic Lace front Wig - Keri

by Outre
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Outre Lace front Keri

Outre Swiss Lace L Parting Lace Front Wig KERI. Swiss Lace: Soft, flexible, stretch. Skillfully handcrafted for a natural hair line to achieve the beauty and style. Made of heat resistant fiber. The length is approximately 10 inches long. It is safe to flat-iron or curl. Fiber Pre-Plucked Adjustable Strap Available Front & Back Combs for Secure


MATERIAL: Synthetic 
TYPE: Lace Front Wig 
LENGTH: Short 
HEAT SAFE: Yes - Safe up to 400°F

  • L-Part KERI Swiss Lace Front Wig.
  • The product is made of heat resistant fiber.
  • Color shown is 1 (jet black).
  • The KERI lace wig is about 10 inches long.
  • It is short wavy style.
  • Hair is safe to curl or flat iron up to 400F.
  • There are front and back combs.
  • Item comes with adjustable straps.
  • One size fits all.
  • Manufactured by Outre.


  • For curly styles, finger comb gently from the tips to roots. Avoid brushing or combing curly hair when dry.
  • For straight styles, brush through the hair from the tips to roots, as needed, to prevent the hair from tangling and matting.
  • When curling the hair with heat styling tools, we recommend holding the hair in the tool for at least 10 seconds, and holding the curl to cool for at least 5 seconds to ensure that the curl holds.
  • For optimal results, we recommend heat styling up to 350°F -400°F
  • Avoid heavy styling products. Products like gels, creams, and mousse will weigh down the hair and cause tangling and matting issues.
  • Place wig on a mannequin head at night to keep the style looking fresh and intact.